YouTube Analytics: 6 Powerful Ways To Grow Your Channel Faster

When it comes to online marketing, among the best and most effective ways is video marketing. Businesses are well aware of the rise of video marketing solutions to promote their brands especially because now, people are starting to favor watching videos more than actually reading lengthy articles. Although some people have more retention in reading informative content, there are also some people who prefer watching videos simply because videos offer diverse ways in presenting topics and ideas. And because people usually find it more entertaining and interesting than reading blogs and other written content online, businesses are making video marketing a smart tool to introduce, promote and strengthen their products and services, reach out to their target audience and engage with their existing customers.

One of the most popular video sharing and video marketing platforms that a lot of people these days are using is YouTube. Some marketing specialists even call YouTube as the world’s “second largest search engine.” And so, it has now become a very powerful tool for businesses. However, not everyone who uses YouTube gets successful in their marketing. Hence, you have to learn a few smart techniques in order to make the most out of your YouTube marketing and grow your channel faster.

Establish a Keyword or Topic

Before starting to create a video content, it is very important that you establish a keyword or topic first. Depending on your niche, search for a relevant keyword to use. Luckily, there are a number of helpful keyword tools you can use. TubeBuddy,, vidIQ and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer are only among the many smart tools you can use for your YouTube keyword research. Choose the most searched keyword in the specific niche that you are targeting and check out the videos that are currently ranking for that specific keyword or topic. By checking out these ranking videos, you will be able to check if your content is good and going the right way when it comes to intent and length. This is actually an effective SEO technique for boosting your YouTube marketing. This will also help you structure or construct the type of information you are planning to share to your target audience.

Having a keyword or topic in mind while creating your video content will also help you easily incorporate that keyword throughout the whole duration of your video and when closed captions are added, YouTube can easily pick it up.

Encourage Audience Engagement

As with other social media platforms, it is very important that you engage with your audience in YouTube as well. Your work is not yet done once you have uploaded your video. You have to encourage social interaction within your channel or you will miss a huge opportunity to actually know what your audience needs and wants from your business. Here are a few things you can do to encourage social interaction.

  • Encourage viewers to respond to audio or visual prompts.
  • Ask viewers to like the video.
  • Inform viewers about the notification bell.
  • Encourage viewers to leave a comment and participate in the discussion.
  • Always try to respond to every comment you receive.
  • Invite viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Do not take for granted having great audience engagement in your YouTube channel as every like, dislike, subscription, comment and watch time is considered an important factor in improving your YouTube ranking, hence growing your channel faster.

Reconstruct Existing Content

Building content for your YouTube channel does not always mean creating fresh ones or building from scratch. Of course creating videos from fresh ideas or concepts may also gain a good number of views, however, you cannot discredit those great pieces of content you have created in your blogs. Some of those may be very powerful when reformatted as a video. Try to look for some of your valuable pieces and review them. Choose the best ones and make them into engaging and actionable video content that you can then add to your channel. Some of the most effective and most viewed type of videos are guides and how-to tutorials, product reviews, vlogs, gaming videos, educational videos, unboxing videos, Q&A videos and prank videos. You can choose from this list and reconstruct your existing content from your blogs and make them into video pieces for your YouTube channel. This way, you can also strengthen your existing content and at the same time widen its coverage to reach more audience.

Plan Your Upload Frequency

To ensure consistency in your YouTube channel, make sure you have a timetable for your upload schedule. Of course, if you want to grow your channel faster, you have to increase your upload frequency. However, you also need to make sure that your audience can actually catch up to your upload schedule. If you worry about keeping up with the demands of uploading frequently, you can take advantage of free tools available. You do not have to hire an advertising or design firm just to make sure you can do uploads regularly. Most YouTubers these days use their smartphones when creating video content. There are a lot of smartphones nowadays that have excellent video recording features and video editing apps. So if you are on the go and do not have your laptop with you, you can still create and upload videos to your channel. Depending on your frequency, ensure consistency by uploading at the same time and always stick to your upload schedule so your subscribers can easily find your newly uploaded video.

Customize and Brand your Channel

Apart from ensuring you have good video content in your channel, it is also best to customize and brand your channel. Make it visually appealing by making it look professional. Viewers will easily recognize your content if you brand your channel correctly. You can carry over and use the same branding theme that you have in your website or blog. This way you will have your own look and feel in your channel that is unique only for you. Aside from customizing your channel, putting a face to it is also a huge step for successful branding. Your viewers can easily connect with you when they see your face in some of your videos. This is very important especially for YouTubers who are also bloggers, business coaches, fitness instructors, life coaches and solopreneurs. You do not have to be always present in all of your videos but every once in a while, make sure that you reach out personally to your subscribers by showing up in some of your videos.

Promote Your Channel to Other Social Media Platforms

Lastly, promoting your YouTube channel and videos to other social media platforms is a powerful strategy to strengthen and grow your channel faster. This is not difficult to do because with social media, you can cross-promote your content to different platforms. There are a lot of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn where you can share your YouTube videos. Aside from sharing from your own account or profile, you can also ask friends and followers to share your video content. Think of a catchy intro or description and share a teaser from your full-length YouTube video. Keep it short and interesting to keep your audience hanging and encourage them to actually watch the full video. Additionally, posting your video in your blog is also a smart way to increase viewers. You can indeed gain significant increase in the number of viewers when you learn to use your social media channels effectively to promote your videos.