Why Should You Choose KLEQ?

The competition of online businesses is getting stiffer than before. So, it would be best if you had the right strategies to accommodate your needs. One of the best ways to have an advantage over your competition is to use effective marketing tools.

As of now, their numerous marketing tools online business owners can make use of. But, if you want to get the best features and to have easy methods to be successful, you should try out KLEQ.

What is KLEQ?

KLEQ was founded and created by John Lint. John Lint is an online entrepreneur who has offered online business consultations since 2003. KLEQ is an all-in-one platform that offers all the tools to help your business to the next level. Here is a list of why business owners should choose KLEQ?

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Fast Website Setup

One of the main reasons you should choose KLEQ is setting up your business site in a flash. Business owners need a website to promote their products and services easily. A website also allows you to provide essential information to your clients. Websites attract your audience online. KLEQ can help you set up your site easily since it offers numerous features.

Website features

Content building and publishing – Business owners can easily start their websites using KLEQ. The tool also allows you to build content in an instant. And, you can publish your content about a course whenever you want.

Custom Domain Name URL – KLEQ helps your online business use unique domain names. Domain names are essential in helping you ensure that clients can easily find your page on the internet. Domain names may also help you rank your page properly. This tool is easy to use; add the domain name you want, and you are ready to go.

Web Hosting – KLEQ also includes web hosting services on the tool. Web hosting is vital to ensure that your website is accessible on the net. However, not all web hosting supports everything you need. But, KLEQ makes sure that they provide the optimal web hosting service to create better websites you need to succeed.

Daily Backup and Security – KLEQ also boasts of the back and security services they offer. KLEQ features daily backups to ensure that all data added are saved immediately to avoid any mishaps. Security features of KLEQ are also astounding since they secure the data and tools you need.

Live Customer Support – You may also avoid using KLEQ since you have access to live chat support. Customer support helps you provide better services to your clients. Live chat support services also enable users to deal with errors on the website instantly.

Multiple customization options

Online business owners also have the ability to use multiple customization options for their landing pages. These customizations can also make your site look more professional and appealing to your audience. Get started by knowing the ideal customization features you need.

Customization Options

Page builder – One of the best customization options online business owners can use is the page builder. The page builder allows users to add numerous content such as videos, images, links, and audio. You may also change other elements on your page. For example, you can change the font size of your articles. You may also adjust the colours of the fonts or background to match your needs. You can even include icons to improve engagement with your clients.

Easy to use templates – You may also have the opportunity to make use of templates. These templates are very useful, especially if you do not have sufficient knowledge in building a template from scratch. These templates are specifically designed to match your needs.

Custom codes – You may also add custom codes to your website. There are cases when some features can only be created using CSS, HTML, or javascript. KLEQ allows users to include these codes to build a powerful campaign.

Page preview – It is best to check all your customizations before going live. KLEQ provides a live page preview for users. The page preview may help you make some adjustments to make your pages more attractive to potential clients.

Dedicated space for products and services

KLEQ also offers a dedicated space for your products and services. You want to create a space for your products and services to find the right one to cater to their needs easily.

Types of products and service you can offer

There is a handful of products and services you may offer to your clients. Below are the following:

Online Courses – Online courses can be a good service to offer to your clients. An online course can help clients improve their skills and knowledge. You want to create online courses to assist your clients in getting started with their venture easily. When you create online courses, you need to be sure to give an appealing topic course to your clients.

Coaching Courses – Another good course you can offer on your page is coaching courses. A coaching course can help your customers gain a better understanding of the service you are providing. A coaching course is also a powerful campaign that allows customers to get everything they need to make their ventures successful. You may also offer private coaching course sessions.

Digital Downloads – Digital downloads are also good platforms you can sell on your site. Products like ebooks or a training course can help your customer create an effective campaign in improving their management strategies.

Webinars and Streams -Webinars and streams can also create a good product or course for your clients. Owners can even create online courses or webinars about product launches or sales plugins and integration.

Membership Sites – You can even include membership sites. Membership sites provide your members to get access to different software or tech management tools. Members also have the opportunity to know more about the content builder and ways to easily deploy marketing funnels.

Bundles – You can stitch together multiple courses to allow clients to get the best services without spending too much. For instance, you may offer different services such as online courses, membership site access, plugins, campaign platforms, forum access, time-limited promos, and even a private coaching course for your customers.

Effective audience building strategies

KLEQ also provides powerful strategies for users to enjoy. These strategies can improve conversion rates from visitors and turn them into email subscribers.

Building Strategies of KLEQ

Deep email and CRM Integration – This strategy will allow you to add contacts to your email marketing system easily. You may also use deep integration tagging to make sure that you can build a list of potential clients so you are ready to go and promote your brand.

Lead Magnet – Launch lead magnet to create a better email list. Some of the best lead magnets you can use are books, training videos, cheat sheets, and a free course.

Traffic with Viral Shares – You may also boost your visibility by increasing your traffic with viral shares.

1 Click Optin Links – one click optins allows you to add contacts easily since you only need to select the contact you want. You may also use one click optins when you are creating multiple lists.

Two-Step Optin Process – A two-step optin process helps you obtain more information about your customers. This process makes sure that your information is safe and will never be shared. Start this process by asking for clients’ basic information, including other essential details you need to boost your marketing strategy.

Convert audience into loyal customers

You can also make sales easy if you start to use the ideal program when you sell your products. But, you need to look for a way to convert your audience into loyal customers.

Ways to gain more customers

No transaction fees – One of the easiest ways to gain more customers online is to provide them with zero transaction fees. Zero transaction fees may also increase your chances of promoting your service with the help of your customers.

1 click marketing funnels – You may also create marketing funnels with one click. 1 click marketing funnel will help you get more customers easily since you can build different strategies on your pages.

1 click downsells and upsells – You may also offer a private coaching course to your clients online after their purchase using one click downsells and upsells.

Promo Codes – Promo codes are also enticing deals for your customers online. You may even allow your customers to secure a lifetime discount on your live and private courses.

Order Bumps – Your shopping cart can also be useful in gaining more customers by integrating order bumps. You can also use this software to promote your live event or private courses.

Multi Payment Options – A multi payment option is also ideal for your shopping cart platform. This payment option will prevent customers from getting bogged down by different payment issues.

Present the best customer experience

KLEQ ensures that everything is built to accommodate the needs of your customers. Thus, they create different solutions to match your needs.

How to improve customer experience

Use Drip Feed Content – You can schedule a time or date when your content will be delivered to your customer online with drip feed content.

Display Member Names – You can also improve members’ experience by displaying their names in the member area. But, make sure that all the information is safe and will never be shared with other platforms.

Start Assessments – As mentioned above, an online course can help your members in everything they need to accommodate their needs. So, you can also build easy assessments for members to participate.

Give Certificates – You also need to give your private members certificates, especially those who have purchased your coaching course or watched your webinar.

Integrate animations – A good engagement tactic you can also use is animations. You can include animations after the online coaching course.

Set Gamification features – You may also set gamification features on your campaign. This campaign includes giving out simple badges or trophies to your customers when completing software tutorials or sales builder videos.

Launch private conversations – Like private coaching, adding a private conversation platform helps your members get everything they need since they can easily communicate with you.

Reliable online business automation solution

Online business owners can also benefit from KLEQ by using different automated solutions they offer.

Types of automated solutions

Automated webinars and campaigns – You need to use automated webinars and campaigns for your brand to allow you to promote your product launch.

Automated countdown timers – You can even launch automated countdown timers. These countdown timers will give you the opportunity to set a time-based timer, evergreen timer, and registration timer.

Social notifications – You can easily determine what pages are visited by your audience by using social notifications.

Behavior tagging – You can also use behavior tagging on your site to determine what customers do and select on your site.

Dynamic content delivery – Customize your content efficiently with dynamic content delivery. You easily select the group in your private contacts who will receive the content.

Page landing actions – You can segment your audience easily with the use of page actions. You can also set different actions to improve your email builder forms.

Cart abandonment – You can also launch cart abandonment software on your site. You can customize this software to followup prospects about their order list.

Sale transaction webhooks – A sale transaction webhook program allows you to send data to any affiliate system you are using.

Excellent profit improvement

Cross sell course – One good way to improve your profit is to cross sell your course. Some business owners create different courses, from a product launch and software review to a software integration course.

Split testing – It is easy for business owners to adjust certain elements on their page by split testing. You can find this feature in the builder, which can reduce time creating a new platform from scratch.

Funnel tracker – You can also improve your profits by using a funnel tracker. You can save time using this tracker in creating effective funnel strategies since you obtain the information needed.

Source tracking – You can also access traffic sources from your live pages with source tracking. This tool can provide you with everything you need to succeed to boost traffic on your platform.

Native mobile app – You can get your brand visible on mobile with the native mobile app. This software will allow you to get your platform or course on the App Store, so your clients can easily access your brand. After adding your platform or course on the App store, you can promote your services.

Advanced e-commerce tracking – You can also get valuable information about your e-commerce with e-commerce tracking. For instance, when you create online courses, you can check if customers want your course or not. Also, you have easy access to everything that may affect your e-commerce.

Tax calculation – Some owners are tired of struggling to calculate taxes they need to pay. KLEQ presents an easy tax calculation software you can make use of. Owners do not need to be a tech expert in using this software since you can easily find everything you need in one software.

Successful site optimization

If you are not a tech guru, you may experience difficulties when creating a campaign on your pages. Fortunately, KLEQ can provide you with everything to have a successful site optimization.

Site Optimization Essentials

You can improve your sales by optimizing your site. Site optimization is also good to launch your new products in no time.

Keyword optimized articles – Business owners also need to build keyword optimized articles. You need these articles to allow you to make a connection with your clients. You may even start content about your product launches, software deep integration tips, or other tech-related strategies for your members.

Page slugs optimization – Page slugs are very useful when optimizing your page since you can edit your page name and include essential keywords.

SEO metadata – It is also important to set metadata on your live pages. Metadata is imperative to improve your ranking on the search engine.

XML sitemap – Allow your audience to find important pages on your site by creating XML sitemaps.

Image optimization – It is also best if you start using image optimization. Image optimization allows your live platform to be optimized properly for your audience to find your brand easily. Image optimization can also add value to your article.

Custom code support – Custom codes are for tech gurus. But, these codes can be important if you want to set more features for your forum, members area, or sales pages.

301 dynamic redirects – You can set dynamic redirects on your site easily with the help of KLEQ. This feature can permanently mark and move your pages permanently without having any advanced tech skills.

A Unique mobile app experience

Push Messages – One way to create a unique mobile app experience for your clients is to sech push messages. These messages can provide updates, access to private software, or live events.

Offline mode and live stream support – Improve your live platform properly when you get the best solutions from a reliable support team. Support services can be easy to obtain since you can use this software on your mobile phone. You can also get support services even if you are offline.

Course on the go – You can also get courses easily using your mobile phone with the course on the go. This platform allows members to get your course and download everything on the mobile phone.

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What makes KLEQ Standout?

No hidden fees – One of the things that make KLEQ stand is you do not need to worry about hidden costs. Some business owners are getting bogged down by tools due to additional charges they need to pay. KLEQ makes sure that you obtain bang for your buck with the service they offer.

Fast support services – Some business owners experience different issues when using tools such as ways to get access now, secure data on the platform, or perhaps the browser does not support your forum page. You can avoid these issues since KLEQ offers fast support services.

Use the best marketing campaign – You can also obtain the best marketing campaign for your private forum or page. KLEQ will provide you everything you need to ensure that your business can receive the profits you are looking for.