Investing In Sales Funnels: How Much Should You Spend For Your ClickFunnel?

Entrepreneurs, including online business owners, marketing teams, and sales teams, are always looking for the perfect tools and platforms that’ll make them do business better. In others words, they search for software and platforms that’ll enable them to convert more people into buying customers. One of the strategies they implement is using a sales funnel.

Sales funnels refer to the marketing term that talks about the journey potential customers go through toward making their purchase. There are various steps in a sales funnel, particularly the top, middle, and bottom of the sales funnel. However, these may also depend on the specific sales model of the company.

Among the ways to be able to create an effective sales funnel is to utilize a software that’ll make it easier for business owners to create as many sales funnels to help with the conversion of individuals into purchasing customers. Several platforms in the industry offer this, and one of the most popular of these is ClickFunnels.

Before you can successfully generate effective sales funnels for your business, you’ll need to invest in these tools. This is why we produced this piece for you to tackle how much you should spend for ClickFunnels, with discussions on the ClickFunnels pricing plans, ClickFunnels pricing packages, ClickFunnels pricing summary, or how much does ClickFunnels cost. You’ll also get to know details about the ClickFunnels Platinum plan, independent ClickFunnels affiliate, the Comma Club X plan, the ClickFunnels own affiliate system, and so much more that’ll let you save money and resources when crafting your ClickFunnels sales funnels.

Before Diving Into The ClickFunnels Cost, Get To Know What This Platform Is About 

What is the ClickFunnels software? ClickFunnels is a cloud-based generation platform that lets businesses of various sizes in eCommerce, consulting, and more automate email and Facebook marketing processes so that business owners can convert visitors into customers.

Using ClickFunnels, you can create custom landing pages known as funnels by using built-in templates in order to attract customers. This tool enables businesses and teams to capture the contact information of their customers and send targeted follow-up messages through text or desktop notifications so that they can reconnect with the visitors.

ClickFunnels aims to provide the best for business owners and their customers. So instead of 

the usual models, the high converting sales funnels and landing pages you create with ClickFunnels will be much smoother. This is since you’re offering a guide for your prospects in a more synchronized way, without the distractions. With this platform, you can create sales funnels that’ll help you gain more sales.

As an entrepreneur, you’re aware running ads that get leads is part of the costs of doing 

business. However, these costs will only be worth it once your prospect becomes a buying customer. Basically speaking, your profits must justify your ad spend, and this is what ClickFunnels can offer. Among many other features, ClickFunnels helps in reducing conversion costs.

The various pricing models at ClickFunnels reflect the stage your business is in by providing features that’ll let you maximize your experience with the sales funnel, taking your business to new heights.

Moreover, ClickFunnels doesn’t offer a free account option, but there’s a free trial with a full suite of features you can take advantage of.

However, also note that there are limitations in each of the pricing options you’ll get to know more a little later on, and you can create your account for the Standard pricing tier with a free trial of up to 14 days.

Is The ClickFunnels Pricing Worth It?

One of the questions you might have is whether ClickFunnels is worth your investment in the business. Is it?

Well, Russell Brunson, the ClickFunnels founder, is said not to withhold anything from 

entrepreneurs who are searching for a better way to profit from marketing funnels. He also wants users to harness the strength of the whole ClickFunnels experience for their advantage. From here, there’s also the option to upgrade to Platinum which is formerly referred to as the ClickFunnels Etison Suite.

To answer the question of whether ClickFunnels is worth it, it absolutely is, and you can find several other software similar to ClickFunnels, but this is so far among the most recommended.

Furthermore, your ClickFunnels account will also be only worth it if you implement your sales funnels in the right way. If you ask whether ClickFunnels is affordable or pricey, we’d say that it’ll all boil down to the fact that this will be your investment.

No other sales funnel software like ClickFunnels can offer everything you need for funnel building, and it’s effective enough that you’ll never need any other programs for your marketing success.

How Much Should You Spend For Your ClickFunnel?

Now that you’ve learned what ClickFunnels is, let us jump right into the main part of the discussion and get to know the ClickFunnels cost.

To know how much you should spend on ClickFunnels, it’s important to know the various ClickFunnels pricing options available for you.

The Various Plans Of ClickFunnels

Here are the different plans you can avail when you sign up at ClickFunnels.

1. Standard Plan

Costing $97 per month, the ClickFunnels Standard plan provides you access to 20 funnels, 100 pages, three custom domains, one sub-user, and three payment gateways. This also offers chat support.

Aside from these, you’ll also get access to the Funnel Hacker Forum, a great way to get your questions on funnels answered in the community. You’ll also have the Funnel Flix, a feature that consists of tutorials and training on sales funnels.

2. Platinum Plan

Formerly known as Etison Suite Plan, ClickFunnels’ Platinum plan has everything you need when you want to upgrade from the Standard, and it costs $297 per month, from the Standard’s $97 per month.

This pricing tier offers many features on an unlimited scale. Plus, there are features you can get access to that aren’t in the Standard, such as allowing you to hook up email autoresponders.

Platinum also has Follow-Up Funnels, a feature designed to create email sequences that let you simplify conversions via automation.

This $297 per month plan also offers access to unlimited funnels, unlimited sales pages, and landing pages. It’ll also let you create your email list without the need to integrate it into another email marketing platform.

Plus, you also get hours of additional training with Funnel Flix, so be sure to allot more of your time with this.

3. The Collective Plan

Many of those who have experience with ClickFunnels say the Collective plan is about the comparison between staying at a Ritz Carlton or a boutique hotel.

Both offer a great environment, but staying at the Ritz Carlton is more luxurious. You’ll be treated like a VIP.

The Collective plan offers funnels unlimited, unlimited pages, 27 custom domains, the training you need to do business in the right way, priority support, and so much more. However, you’ll need to spend more per month if you choose the Collective plan. But it’ll be worth your spending.

4. The Two Comma Club X

ClickFunnels also offers the Two Comma Club X, the pricing plan that costs $2,497 per month, letting you create unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, and unlimited follow-up funnels, as well as integrate 27 payment gateways, connect 27 domains, and have 10 users. It also provides a dedicated account manager.

Nevertheless, right now, the available pricing options are only the Standard and the Platinum plans.

Can I Get ClickFunnels For Free? Yes, You Can!

When you aren’t ready yet to shell out money to experience ClickFunnels for your business or others of your purposes, you can try it for free. It’s been said that the only path to work around the ClickFunnels pricing options entirely and acquire them for free is to sign up for their free trial.

Once you do so, you’ll need to provide your credit card information so that ClickFunnels can charge you for your first 30 days of use. Don’t worry because you can opt-out before the 14 days are up, and you won’t be charged.

In these two weeks, there’s already a lot of things you can do, such as creating your landing pages, running ads to your sales funnel, browsing through the many funnel templates, testing out your offers, and using the menu search to get access to Funnel Flix, among others.

Yet, if you feel like the free trial isn’t enough, there are things you can do to get ClickFunnels at discounted prices, such as watching out for promos during the holidays. For instance, in the past, the software has offered users the opportunity to obtain ClickFunnels Platinum free for six months. You read that right, and ClickFunnels is continuously working to provide perks of this kind.

The Secret Offers With ClickFunnels: Here’s How To Acquire Up To One Year Of ClickFunnels For Free!

Right now, ClickFunnels offers two options where you can get the software at discounted prices without forgetting to provide various perks beyond the free trial. The first one is the Secrets Masterclass.

1. Secrets Masterclass

There’s confusion between the Secrets Masterclass, and the Funnel Hacks features. Know this: Secrets Masterclass is somewhat similar to what Funnel Hacks is.

ClickFunnels invests in supporting its users through various affiliate program offers, strong functionalities, and stellar training beyond their Funnel Flix. This software will always strive to build a community of business owners and funnel hackers who think alike.

Signing up for the Secrets Masterclass offers you the following:

  • Six months of ClickFunnels Platinum for free
  • Access to the One Funnel Away Challenge
  • Virtual daily Funnel Hackathons
  • 10x Secrets Mastery Program
  • Traffic Secrets or Ad Skills

Furthermore, get six months of the ClickFunnels Platinum plan for free and learn what the top one percent of ClickFunnels users are uniquely doing to produce huge sales, even with only one funnel. Secrets Masterclass is at $997.

2. Funnel Builder Secrets

Meanwhile, Funnel Builder Secrets has two tiers in its program. Both of the tiers offer the same bonuses. To choose, you should determine how long you want the free ClickFunnels Platinum.

The first tier includes:

  • Six months access to enterprise-level ClickFunnels account for free
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • Traffic Secrets Membership
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • 12 months access to Funnel Scripts which you can obtain in Funnel Flix; Take note Funnel Scripts is only accessible as a standalone purchase
  • Bonus: Unlimited funnels
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Funnel Builder Secrets is at $1,997. You may also get lifetime access with this option, but your access to ClickFunnels will only last six months. Yet, this is a great way to gain access to ClickFunnels at lower prices.

The second tier of Funnel Builder Secrets includes the features above, with 12 months of access to ClickFunnels for free with your bundle. It costs $2,997.

Why You Must Have ClickFunnels For Your Business: Learn The Advantages 

After getting to know the ClickFunnels cost and, therefore, how much you should spend on your ClickFunnel, it’s time to also look at the advantages it can provide for your business. After all, you’ll never want to spend on something without knowing what you’ll get.


ClickFunnels offers a very straightforward system that is very easy to use. You’ll never need any coding skills or technical know-how to use the platform.

End-To-End Solution

Being a one-stop platform, ClickFunnels has the capability to meet your requirements in marketing and sales. From launching your website, creating landing pages, to providing a payment gateway integration, the software can provide for all your business needs.

Saves You Money

Considering the costs you learned about earlier, you might think you’ll need to spend a lot when using the platform. Not quite. With the pre-built funnel templates from the software, you’ll never have to spend on expensive domain names, email autoresponders, resources, or web hosting.

Easy App Integrations

Whether it’s email automation or performance analytics, ClickFunnels lets you integrate tools easily with the platform. Therefore, you’ll be able to build a successful sales funnel.

Conclusion: The ClickFunnels Pricing Verdict

How much you should spend for your ClickFunnel depends on your budget, the needs of your business, and the available options on the platform.

These details on the pricing should have been able to present to you the ClickFunnels pricing plan clearer. There are likewise many other tools out there where you can build sales funnel.

Business success comes in various packages. What’s important is fueling yourself with success that is enjoyable and rewarding. There are also a lot of platforms you can use alongside ClickFunnels should you want to do things greater.

The ClickFunnels pricing plan you learned about earlier reflects how ClickFunnels is one of the best all-in-one solutions for launching successful sales funnels. Here are pieces of advice.

You may begin with the two-week free trial and create your own funnel. Then, go further with the Standard plan. Once you reach the maximum number of sales funnels, you can scale up to the $297 per month pricing tier.

Use the Secrets Masterclass and the Funnel Builder Secrets to your best advantage. These workshop bundles are perfect for honing your funnel-building knowledge, testing out your funnel logic from a blueprint, and ensuring ClickFunnels is intuitive to use. Achieve your business endeavors.