Convertkit build your business

Nowadays, convertkit has become a widely used tool in helping businesses grow, particularly in email marketing. Have you ever used a Convertkit to build your business? If not, then read this article about how a Convertkit helps you in making your business grow! Discover how a Convertkit help you:

  • Escalate your Business Growth
  • Build your email list
  • Create a landing page that converts
Build your business with convertkit

What Is Convertkit?

A convertkit is an email marketing software that will help you grow your blog post subscriber and your business’s overall growth. It is an email marketing service provider that allows every business person to automate their work easily.

Design by world-class pros, Convertkit is fully customizable and gives you the quick data to build and grow your companies.

Whether you are an aspiring blogger, a software developer, or a working mom trying to build an e-commerce store, a convertkit is the best tool for you. Yes, as designed by world-class pro,convertkit is the best aid tool for anyone – either you are a professional businessman or a starter businessman.

Convertkit – Belongs to Creators’ Features

  • Convertkit helps creators like you to turn your Website visitor into your email subscribers
  • Allows you to grow your audience by creating creative content
  • Create a free landing page that converts
  • Allows you to sell products on a digital platform
  • Collect email subscribers and build your email list
  • Create a good relationship with your subscribers and send content automatically

As creators, Convertkit helps to build your business online and secure your future.

Convertkit – Future Belongs To Creators

What does it mean? As a founder and creator of Convertkit, Nathan Barry believes that the future belongs to creators. Convertkit allows creators like you to take action and connect with your target audience. In reality, it’s never been easy for creators to build and grow companies. But with Convertkit, it would be easier to develop and grow your companies.

How do Convertkit help Creators?

Thousands of creators had improved their businesses with Convertkit. For example, Nathan Barry, one of the world-class pros who designed Convertkit, has built and grown his company. Convertkit helps thousands of creators like you take their projects from idea to reality. 

Build Your Business with Convertkit – Landing Page

Landing pages play an important role in growing your business. The landing page will help you with your conversion rate, helping you grow your business without spending a large amount of money. Landing pages were designed to help you grow your email list subscribers.

Convertkit allows you to create a free landing page. Create a landing page that will surely help you connect with your audience. In convertkit, you can create a free landing page with beautiful, stunning, and eye-catching templates.

In convertkit, landing pages were designed to be viewed easily in any design. So whether your potential buyer is visiting your Website with their smartphone, they can still easily view your landing page.

Landing Page help you Build Your Business

Create a page that converts ConvertKit landing pages into a “business converter”. Create a page that converts page readers into subscribers. Yes, landing pages will help you with your conversion rates and grow your own business effectively.

Converts ConvertKit Landing Pages Into A Converter – How?

1. Clearly shows your page purpose.

2. Conveys your brand but not in an overwhelming way.

3. Create a page that is simple,clutter-free, and that loads fast.

4. Create a clear Call To Action Button.

5. Create and Insert a video clip on your landing pages.

6. Add reviews and testimonials.

Your landing pages will help you gather your target audience, subscribers, and potential page visitors. The more target audience you have and the more email subscribers you have in your convertkit, the more your business grow. With stunning, beautiful, and informative landing pages, you will increase your conversion rates and effectively build your business. So if you want to create a page that converts convertkit would be your best aid.

Build Your Business with Convertkit – Email List Building

Have you ever thought about how a convertkit helps you with your email marketing? Yes, convertkit is a specially designed tool for email marketing and email campaigns.

Convertkit Work In Email List Building

How Does Convertkit Work In Email List Building?

Convertkit will allow you to connect with your target audience. Convertkit will help you grow your company using its email marketing software as it gives you quick data to improve in specific areas of your campaign. Email marketing is one of the key successes for your business to grow. Email is one way to market your business online. For example, Email allows you to:

  • Sell your online course
  • Book Your Services
  • Market Your Services
  • Drive Traffic To Your Website

We both know how hard it is to make people join our email list subscriber. We all know that the more people join our email list, the more significant result we can see in our business growth. That is the main reason why you need to build your email list in 2021. Your email list number will affect your business growth. The more you make your email list, the more you grow a business. Convertkit will help you achieve both – grow your Website audience and grow your email subscribers and build your business.

Effective way to Grow Your Email List

Top 6 Reasons Why You Need To Grow Your Email List

  1. The email list will help you convert your leads into a customer. Without a list, the probability is high that you will lose your potential leads.
  2. With an Email list, you can strategically educate your subscribers about your services and products offered at regular intervals preparing them to become your paying customers.
  3. With a list of subscribers, you can control how and when you communicate with your email subscribers.
  4. The list will allow you to promote your business individually to your target audience.
  5. Growing your list will allow you to maximize your marketing campaign with higher impact but less effort.
  6. Email marketing through your list will enable you to build your business revenue without spending a large amount of money.

Build Your Business With Convertkit – Convert Leads

It is not all the time your website visitor visits your page to buy or place a purchase. Sometimes, they visited your page to check out your business and compare it to your competitors. Now, how can you convert your website visitor into your leads?

The best thing you can do not to lose this opportunity is to collect your website visitor’s email address. They may accidentally find you while growing, but with their email address on your list, you can send them an email from time to time. Educate your page visitor about your services and how you can help them until they are ready to buy and engage with your business.

When you educate properly with high-engaging email content, your leads from your list will become your paying customers. This type of email marketing does not require you to spend a large amount of money. You just need to think strategically and creatively.

Convertkit allow creators to communicate with your email list

Build Your Business – Control How You Communicate

With your list, you can control how you frequently communicate to your subscriber. For instance, you can create email content and send it to your list anytime. It is up to you how many times the week you want to communicate with your subscribers.

Email lists allow you to control your email content information and monitor how they respond to your marketing content. You can creatively create content that will guide your subscribers to take action with your email marketing campaign. For example, convertkit allows you to see if your subscribers read your email marketing campaign or not. If your email subscribers don’t read your email content, you had the features to adjust and create a different content that might attract them to read and take action.

Personalized email content

Personalized Email Content

One thing that makes an email campaign outstanding is that you can personalize your email content based on your target audience. It is like you send a letter personally. Personalized email content makes it more appealing than a generalized email.

For example, you can create an email with specific content inside for email subscribers. Make your Email more personalized by adding your subscribers names into your marketing content. With personalized email content, you can ask your subscriber to respond with your Email.

Personalized Email Content

Easy To Manage Email List

Most business people had a very hectic schedule. They need to manage their time with different working schedules. With your list of emails, you can market your service with the least amount of time and effort but offer the best results.

how to manage email list

Email Is The Best Marketing Techniques For Busy Individuals – Why?

  1. Unlike social media algorithms, email marketing algorithms don’t change from time to time. So you don’t have to keep up with the algorithms but still ensure your business growth.
  2. Email marketing doesn’t require a specific word count. You can write short email content when your busy and write long email content when your not.
  3. Email marketing allows you to create content ahead of time and schedule them in advance via scheduling software. Yes, you can plan your Email to be sent to your target audience when you find it more convenient for them to read and respond to your campaign.
  4. Email marketing allows you to both 100% text-based content saving you time. On the other hand, you can also send creative content with graphic image via Email as your marketing campaign.
  5. Convertkit features drag-and-drop email templates that are fully customizable and give busy creators the opportunity to send an email campaign to their subscribers with creativity.

Less Expensive Marketing Tool With Proven ROI

Email marketing has been proven effective in delivering good results for the past few years. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been good marketing channels for you to market your business. Unlike these social media sites, Email has many marketing features that will allow you to build your business effectively.

Although social media allows you to market your business organically if you wanted to have good results with your marketing campaign, you need to have paid ads to build an audience more broadly.

With Email, it’s never been easier for you to build an audience list to improve your conversion rates and grow business more effectively. You do not need to spend your hard-earned money on marketing software, and you don’t have to pay a marketing professional to build your business. All you need is adequate subscriber and content that will surely make the people from your subscriber take action.

Spend time creating your email content that will surely get your subscriber to take action and engage with your product.

Marketing Tool With Proven ROI

Now, have you ever think how to build your email list this year, 2021? Convertkit is here to help you grow your email list rapidly. Are you ready to start building your list?

Converkit – Build Your Email List For Free

You had your goal when you start to build your email list, and it is to grow your email list rapidly. Why? Because you know that growing your email list means growing your business. Check out these easy steps here to grow your email list for free.

3 Tips To Grow Your Email List For Free

  1. An overwhelming incentive
  2. Incentive Offer Exposure.
  3. Email Regular Engagement
3 Tips To Grow Your Email List For Free

Tips #1. An overwhelming incentive for every opt in form sign-up.

It is natural for people to find a valid reason before signing up on your opt in form. So, make sure that you give them reasons why they need to sign up with your form. A sense that no one from your Website visitor you targeted as an audience can decline.


If you wanted to get to know the people who visited your Website, creating a quiz would be an effective way to do it. A quiz will allow you to get closer to your target audience, create a customer avatar, and create the personalized email content.

Quiz is one way to build your email list

Dont forget to add a requirement with your quiz. Yes, require them to enter their email address to reveal the quiz results. It is not only entertaining; it also allows you to collect email addresses for you to build your customer lists.

To make this step effective, make sure to make a quiz that is not only entertaining but also eye-catching, relevant to what your target customer needs.


The webinar is another platform to make an overwhelming incentive to your target customer. For example, you can host a webinar that discussed your expertise in building an email list rapidly for free. With your webinar, you can collect your target customer’s email address. Not only during your live webinar but also with your recorder webinar.


You can ask your target customer to watch your recorder webinar for free by signing-up for opt in form. People tend to watch webinars if they find them interesting and informative. Make sure you will host a webinar that will benefit your target customer to join your newsletter.

Discount & Vouchers

Offering a product discount is one of the marketplace incentives to build a list of emails rapidly. Discounts and vouchers are common in online shopping platforms like eCommerce websites. Discounted coupons work well to encourage the target audience to visit a business website that sells products and make the purchase. Not only that! Discounts and vouchers are the best way to gather new subscribers and build your group of subscribers. Wait until they are ready to start to engage with you. Yes, wait until they are ready to buy or purchase your product.

Discounts and Voucher plays an important role to build your business

Email Course

Another incentive you can offer is the email course. You provide an email course, and in return, you get their email address and build your list. With your subscribers, you can send opt in email course to the different target audience for a period of time.

Email course

Content Upgrade

A content upgrade is another effective way to get an email address from the people who visited your Website. It is bonus content that will only be accessed with an email address. If someone visited your Website and came across your content upgrade and wants to access it, ask them to input their email address and subscribe to your newsletter.

For example, you can write a small blog post about building an email list for free and then offer an in-depth guide on the same topic as a content upgrade.

Content Upgrade

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a free content downloadable by anyone from the internet in exchange for their email address. Lead magnet comes in a variety of styles. For example, it can be an ebook, marketing checklists, an email template, or worksheets for an email campaign and marketing.

Tips #2. Incentive Offer Exposure

Business visibility helps you get more people to engage with your business and helps your business make it grow. It is the same thing with your incentives. The more the target audience sees your incentive offer, the more conversion rates you will get. You need to make sure that your incentive is visible and exposed to anyone on the different marketing platforms like social media websites.

The visibility of your incentives will help you improve your conversion rates. Improving your conversion rates means increasing your group of email subscribers.

Have you created your incentives? Then, it’s time to share your incentive with your target clients or customers. Check out this effective idea on how to make your incentives visible to your target clients or customers.

Incentive Offer Exposure

Top 8 Effective Incentive Offer Exposure Ideas

  1. Opt in form in your Website for incentives.
  2. Promote your incentives via Website Pop-up.
  3. Promotional Banner on your Website.
  4. Use the feature box on your Website home page.
  5. Use your website footer and top navigator to promote your incentive offer.
  6. Promote your incentives via your blog pages.
  7. Promote your incentive via a landing page.
  8. Use social media to promote your incentive offer.

Social Media Platforms To Promote Incentives Offer

Social media platform is the best way to build your business

Social media site like Facebook allows you to promote your business incentive offer via:

  • Facebook Story
  • Facebook Post
  • SideBar Opt In
  • Paid Ads and Campaign

You can promote your incentive on your Twitter account via:

  • Tweets
  • Pinned tweets
  • Link on your Bio

Just like Facebook, In Instagram, you can promote your incentive offer via:

  • Instagram Featured Story
  • IG Grid Post
  • Incentive Link On your IG Bio
  • Paid IG Ads and Campaign
  • Promote your incentives on your youtube video on your intro or at the end of your video presentations.
  • You can also promote your incentives in your youtube video description along with your incentive link.

Tips #3. Regular engagement with your Email list

Like a plant that is watered regularly, it will grow and have fruits; your list needs to be “watered” regularly for it to bloom. How can you “water” your lists regularly? You need to engage with the people on your list in a regular pattern. Not only that! You also need to engage with your list properly – with email content that will make them stay with your lists.

Engaged regularly

A good relationship with your email subscribers means a long-term relationship. So make sure to build your relationship with your subscriber.

3 Steps On How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Email List

Welcome note

You can send a welcome note to the people who recently join your group of subscribers. Let them feel that you are happy having them on your list. Most of all, let your subscribers know how thankful you are for having them. Write a heartfelt welcome content with sincerity, not like a robot. A welcome content that will touch your subscriber’s heart, building trust between you two and starting a good relationship like a friend.

Valuable Email Content

Provide an email that is valuable to your target audience. No one from your subscriber will stay if you fail to provide what they want or what they need. Make a goal to share free content that is valuable with your subscribers consistently.

4 Tips To Ensure Your Email Value
  1. Focus your Email on one topic and narrow it down.
  2. Write original content. Avoid copy-pasted ideas. Try to write from your perspective.
  3. Focus on your target audience’s needs and write content based on that topic.
  4. Avoid writing content that is too promotional. Try to be friendly and try to focus on the content value instead of directly selling a product.
Email Growth Tracking
Track your email growth and build your business

Not every one that subscribes to your newsletter will read your email campaign. Some of them just join as one of your subscribers to get your incentives. So to make your lists of emails clean and accurate, you can remove your inactive subscribers. However, before removing them, you can send a confirmation email if they want to stay on your list and receive your newsletter.

Keep track of what email campaign you had that had a high click rate. And then focus on creating an email campaign like that. Tracking your email campaign growth will give you quick updates on what email campaigns work and what types of email campaigns don’t work. Email campaign growth gives you a quick guide on the email campaign you need to focus on and what email campaign you need to disregard.

Send highly relevant emails to your subscribers consistently. The more relevant content they receive, the more likely they want to stay with you. So, keeping track of how your Email grows will give you quick data to improve your email content.

build your business - build a good relationship

To build a good relationship with your email subscriber, you need to pay attention to what emails you send, what emails are opened and responded to, and what type of Email has less response.

With a convertkit, you can build your business by growing your list of subscribers. I do hope these tips, tricks, and ideas on how to build an email list effectively will help you build your business, especially during this pandemic.