3 Steps To Rapid Email List Growth

A new year had come. A brand new day to start growing your email list subscriber. Yes, it’s already 2021, and technology evolves. New technologies, marketing strategies, and online platforms for email marketing are available almost every month. Like a chariot, technology is rapidly moving forward each day. It swept along like lightning speed, changing different strategies to its success. Have you coped up with the fast-moving forward technology? Chase success and swept like lightning – know these 3 ways to grow your email list this year in 2021 rapidly.

Email List Marketing Strategy

Learn the creative strategies for rapid email list growth through different email signup forms, landing pages, lead magnets, social media sites, and CTA Buttons. Plus, additional tips on how to grow your email list creatively.

Why Is Email List Building Important?

Think about it – maybe the marketing strategy you used to be is not working anymore. You had your email list from 2020, but you are struggling now for its list growth. As the new year has come, your marketing campaign needs a new strategy to grow your email list subscriber and boost your campaign.

Why Is Email List Building Important?

Email marketing nowadays plays an important role in successful business growth. Unfortunately, some digital marketers are having a hard time coping with the fast-growing technology. They fail to see the importance of email marketing and content marketing on social media sites. On the other hand, some digital marketers had understood the importance of email list building to their business success rate. However, they are having a hard time figuring out how to grow an email list successfully. This article will discuss the 3 ways to grow your email list successfully.

Email List Building Overview

Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect and interact with your customer and potential buyers to build trust in between. However, growing your email list can be hard sometimes, especially if you are new in email marketing. Email list building is not just simply asking people to join and subscribe to your email list. Nor asking your blog post reader to subscribe to your email newsletter. It takes more than that! Here comes the good news for you, there are various tips for you to grow your email list effectively nowadays.

To grow your email list, you need strategies and methods to grow your email list successfully. Building your email list won’t happen overnight, but there are steps you can do to create an email list fast.

Email List target Audience

How can I make my email list grow faster?

Growing your email list subscribers won’t happen overnight or in just a glimpse of time. You need to gain your potential email subscribers’ trust. Catch your potential email subscribers with a piece of content. A great content that can make your potential email list thirsty and hungry for more catchy and informative content from your blog post. Yes, blog posts from your website and social media sites can be a good place to post great content.

Looking for an effective way to grow your email subscribers in proven ways? 

There are many effective strategies to grow your email list subscribers. We will discuss the proven effective way to grow your email list subscribers in this article. You will learn step by step how to grow your email list fast.

Email List Growth Tracking

3 Steps Toward Rapid Email List Growth

Now let’s discuss these 3 easy steps toward your success in building your list.

1. Target Audience

It would help if you created your right target audience for your campaign. Why? Maybe You have the best content, appealing and valuable information for a campaign, but you market it to the wrong people. What would you think will happen? Would you expect them to buy your product?

For example, a software developer needs to market his newly developed software for email marketing. He has everything prepared, from a content campaign and so on. Who will be his target market? It would be people who work as a digital marketer or a businessman with a digital marketing company. Now imagine that this software developer markets his product to a group of people who just graduated from a university or a businessman who operated a small business in town. Would that be effective? Of course not, right?

The same thing with email list building, you need to have the right target market to have them subscribe and signup. It is just like fishing with a hook. To ensure that the fish will eat your bait, feed them with a lure that will attract their attention.

 2. Compelling Offer

You now had your right target audience; the next method is creating a compelling offer that your target audience would not decline. How to do so? Create a proposal that will make your target audience uneasy if they will not take action. Think about what your target audience needs right now and then provide what they need. Try to put yourself into your target audience’s shoes. Think about what they need and create an offer that makes you want to join your subscriber list.

For example, think about what an aspiring email marketer needs for her to succeed? She surely needs a guide, tips, and ideas on how to grow her list and strategies in marketing her service. Then create a content offer that she surely won’t decline. Your content offer

3. Offer Exposure

Now you have everything in the set, from your target audience to your compelling content offer. The next step is to put your offer into exposure. It’s up to you to decide on how to expose your offer to your target audience. You can send it directly by email, through social media posts,s and even on your website.

Effective Ways To Grow Your Email List

Check out these various ways you can effectively grow your email list.

Email List 
 - Landing Pages

Landing Page

A landing page is the most effective strategy in increasing website conversion. It is a page on your website used to convert leads, customers, and subscribers. The page is linked to your CTA button and campaign from your different social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. A landing page can connect to your email campaigns and other page sites used to promote your offered services or on your products.

Your website landing page’s main focus is to instigate your website visitor to fill up forms or to subscribe to your email newsletter. With your Call To Action button linked to your landing page, you can encourage people to subscribe for more updates from your website or blog posts. Make sure that your landing page has high-quality content to attract people to join or subscribe.

Different Type Of Landing Page

Your ultimate goal of creating a landing page is conversion. To create a successful conversion rate for your landing pages, make sure you have consistent, informative, and high-quality site content.

Click-Through Landing Page– It is commonly used by software and business services to generate more purchases.

Lead Capture Landing Page – This type of landing page is mainly focused on generating leads. For example, a digital marketer can offer a reward or share his effective marketing strategies for a signup form or email signups.

Sales Landing Page – It is often used to promote or sell a product. It is commonly used in e-commerce and podcasters.

A landing page is used to drive traffic into your website from your social media ads campaign and your email marketing. Whatever page type you will use, just make sure that it is catchy to attract more people to join your list for free or get more new subscribers.

Email List

Email Address

Another way to build your list is to get an email address directly. How to do so in an appropriate manner without offending your potential email list subscribers? You can use “gated content” on your website. Gated content means that your website visitor can’t access one content unless they enter their email address. Your website visitors’ email address will serve as a gate pass on your gated content. To encourage your website visitor to enter their email address, make sure that your content title is quite interesting. Interesting enough to make your website visitor take action.

Compile these new subscribers email addresses in your email list. These new email addresses, when compiled, can surely make your email list grow.

Content Upgrades

What are content upgrades, and how can content upgrades help you build an email list? A content upgrade is a type of website content that can be accessed exclusively for a group of website visitors in exchange for an email sign up. It is like free bonus content that acts as a lead magnet on your site.

You are offering exclusive free content to your site visitor, and in return, they will be joining your email list. A great way to grow your list of email addresses for your marketing campaigns.

Content Upgrade Example

  1. A podcast professional featured in a video interview can create a transcription and offer it as a free bonus content upgrade in exchange for an email to build her email list.
  2. A blogger can provide a free downloadable PDF file for his blog posts as a content upgrade for his readers.
  3. If you are selling your service or software, you can add a free trial subscription to your site as a content upgrade.

Sign up Forms

Beginners usually start with a simple sign up form on their site sidebar. It could be good if you don’t have to build your email list fast. If you wanted to create your email list quickly, use multiple signup forms on your site to get more email subscribers.

It would be best to combine your sign up form on your site sidebar with a popup box. You can add a scroll box for your sign-up forms that only show up when your site visitor scrolls down.

Lead Magnets

Just like its name, it acts like a magnet. It will attract people to become a prospect. It is known as an opt-in bribe to the people who visit your site in return for their contact information like an email address and phone number.

The lead magnet works this way. First, it will attract people to become your potential buyer or customers. And then, it will convert your potential subscriber into a lead. For example, you can create catchy, informative, and valuable content on your page and offer it to your potential subscribers for free.

Well, not for free exactly. Create a proposal that your page visitor can’t refuse. Offer it for free in exchange for their email address.

It would be best to make sure that your proposal will encourage your potential subscribers to take the next step. The next step they should make is to join your email list. If you want to get and improve your email list growth, this would be a great way.

Lead Magnets Example

  1. Newsletter – Create an informative newsletter that will encourage people to join your email list. Make sure to create and post content regularly on your page newsletter.
  2. Template – Create a business template that people need right now. Add it to your page as a bribe-opt-in. For example, new to email marketing, people will need a successful email marketing template to start with their marketing process. Take this chance and add an email marketing template to your page. You can then offer this email template to anyone who will visit your page, and in return, you can have their email.
  3. Checklist – Just like a template, a checklist is an essential magnet for your potential list subscriber. For example, A new email marketing personnel needs a checklist on properly managing his email marketing campaign, business page, and social media sites. By providing what he needs, you can make him into your prospect and then, later on, into your leads.
  4. Email Course – It is a chain of free lessons sent via email for a while. At the end of the email course, you will offer the people on your list to purchase a paid course, a product, or a service. Remember that you need to make sure that your email course opts to show how it can help your email subscriber on a particular matter.
  5. Ebook – An ebook is a digital form of a book readable by a computer and other android devices. You can use an ebook to provide valuable information to people who want to know about a specific topic. In your email course, opt, get started with a topic that most people wanted to know and learn.
  6. Demo Video – It is commonly used by digital marketers who sell their services. For example, if you are an email marketing specialist, you can create a video demo to use tools and plugins for email list building. For example, create a free video demo for email list building plugins like Bloom Email Opt-in, Optin Forms, and OptinMonster. Use this free video demo to entice people to subscribe for more email list building updates. You need to create a video demo that is informative and trendy.
  7. Webinar – A webinar can be a workshop, a discussion, talk, business conference, or a seminar that comes in a video format. Like the ebook, the webinar provides valuable information. You can advertise your webinar anywhere on your social media site for more people to view and join your list.
  8. Case Study – Case study is another way to build your email list nowadays. Create a case study and offer it to your prospect email list subscriber. Interested people will join your mail list if they can see that you have a piece of valuable information that they need. You need to earn the people’s trust to provide your required information like an email, name, and contact information.

There are different ways for you to grow your list, you need to be creative, and don’t be afraid to try new things and strategies in life.

Call To Action Button

Another way to effectively grow your mail list is through a call to action button. Yes, a CTA button is one of the most popular ways to entice people to act. It can be a phrase or a command like “Sign Up Now,” “Free Trial For 30 Days”, “Free Download Now,” “Register Today,” “50% Discount Buy Today” and so on.

The CTA is a button on your site or your landing page that people need to click to take action. The call to action button varies in styles depending on your web page goal. The CTA button can attach to your popup opt-in form, forms that need to be signed, opt-in email newsletter, and email course opt.

Social Media Website’s Call To Action Button

Besides your web page, it would be best to have a CTA button on your different social media accounts like Facebook Business Page, Youtube Account, Twitter, and Linkedin. Like for example, the Facebook business page introduced a feature where you can add a CTA button. CTA button will be displayed on your Facebook page on top of your page cover image and visible to the people on Facebook without scrolling. You can add the CTA button like “sign up” to get more people’s emails and add them to your list.

Contact Form

Another opportunity to ask for a potential email subscriber and grow your list is through a contact form. Forms are one of the easiest ways to collect a piece of contact information from the people who visited your web page.

Contact forms like sign up forms, Get Free Email Updates Opt-In Form, Email Signup form, and contact us forms allow you to ask people for their email and add them to your list.

Email List 

Give Away

A giveaway is one of a satisfactory way for you to build your list of email effectively. Running a giveaway is a quick way to increase your subscribers list. Offer a giveaway price that your target people want to have in their life.

7 Easy Steps To Create An Email Giveaway For A Massive List Growth

  1. Target Audience – Define the type of people you want for your target audience. Create your buyer persona and run your email giveaways according to the people on your target audience.
  2. Email Service Provider – When you run an email giveaway, it is important to have an email service provider to ensure that all people who participated in your email giveaways will become part of your subscribers list. So, choose an email service provider that suits your business needs.
  3. Plugin – You need a working giveaway plugin for you to run your email giveaway. Use a plugin that will help you create and run your giveaway successfully and help you build a massive list of emails.
  4. Pricing – You need to have a good giveaway prize to get the attention of the people you target as an audience. Offer a giveaway price that will excite your target audience to participate and take action. If you want to build a massive list of emails with your giveaway prize, it would be better to have a giveaway price that will surely attract your buyer persona’s attention. However, create and use a giveaway prize that is relevant to your brand to spread brand awareness.
  5. Giveaway Rules – Create and define the rules for your email giveaway. Yes, you need to impose rules to make your giveaways fair to all people that will join your giveaway.
  6. Giveaway Content Creation – Create content that will help you achieve what you want to get. Think about your email giveaway’s goal, and then create a content offer according to your plan.
  7. Publish – Once done with all the steps, publish your email giveaway with your giveaway plugin.

Discounts & Coupon

A discounted offer and exclusive coupon is another way to get a massive list of emails. Yes, you can use this strategy to build a gigantic list of emails by asking potential buyers and customers to add to your list of emails in return for a discounted offer and exclusive coupon.

Social Proof 

You can use social proof to get a massive list of emails too. People nowadays love to copy what others do, especially with influential personalities like celebrities, politicians, bloggers, and other influencers. You can use this opportunity to increase your conversion rate, get more subscribers, and get your list massive.

Social proof will encourage your potential buyer to take action – signing up for an email newsletter.

Social Proof Sample

  1. Testimonials
  2. Reviews
  3. Proof of registered user

Social proof can be a tweet about your service offered from a current target audience. It can be a recommendation from your former clients. Or a positive product review from an influencer.

How do I grow my email list in 2020?

As technology evolves, struggles can be real when it comes to coping up with its fast-moving success. Maybe your email campaign marketing strategy for 2020 is not that successful anymore. Check out these creative and easy methods to rapidly grow your email subscriber.

How do I grow my email list in 2020?

Social Media

Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are good places for you to grow your email subscriber list. On this social site, you can create content, schedule a post, upload videos and photos. You can attach a hashtag to promote your brand awareness. But the most important feature is you can connect a link – a sign-up link to subscribe to your content.


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Short Videos

If you wanted to catch your target audience’s attention at once, using short videos effectively. Why? People love videos, and videos are popular nowadays and eye-catching. It’s the best visual aid tool you can have for your marketing tactics. And most of the time, people who like your videos will share your content – a great way for conversion rate without spending money.

You can use videos to grow your email subscribers in different ways. For example, you can incorporate a video about your services or a product and share it to your social media platforms along with a signup link for more video content.

Another way is, share it directly to your website with a signup button below the video content.


A product or services offer sent via an email sometimes is alarming if the brand is not known. Yes, you know that an offer from a stranger is disturbing. Sometimes it can be marked as a spam email. Not only on email but even on the different social media platforms. People tend to trust new products and services if they know it is legit.

Yes, your target audience will easily trust your product or services unless it is proven, maybe by their circle of friends, a family member, or even by an influencer. That is the main reason why most e-commerce nowadays posted their testimonials and reviews online. They wanted to be trusted by their target audience.

Why Referral is Important?

A referral from a friend, relatives, and or someone online is the best way for you to market your services and build your list massively. Leverage your list by offering and incentives for anyone who can refer to your service/products. You can create a referral strategy along with your motivations. You can offer discounts, coupons, and cash rewards depending on your capability.

Here is the sample content for referral strategy to boost your campaign and build your lists.

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People tend to exit from your page when they don’t see what they are looking for. Your page visitor doesn’t mean to stay on your page forever. How can you turn your page visitor into your list prospect? Use Exit-intent popups. It is a popup that appears when your page visitor tries to leave your site. An exit-intent popup will help you keep your page visitor as your prospect leads.

You can use an exit-intent popup to collect subscribers for your list.

Exit -intent popup sample

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These five simple methods to build your list massively will help you achieve your goal this year, 2021. With the right strategy and approach to your target audience, you can create your list effectively.

How do you grow emails?

  1. Here is the summary of how you can grow your emails this 2021.
  2. Create amazing email content.
  3. Create different landing pages.
  4. Use gated content
  5. Add content upgrades to your blog posts.
  6. Use multiple sign-up forms on your site
  7. Create eye-catching lead magnets to bribe your page visitor and become your leads.
  8. Use CTA button
  9. Create contact form
  10. Host a giveaway
  11. Offer Discounts and exclusive coupons
  12. Create social proof
  13. Use social media platform to spread brand awareness and build a list
  14. Create a short video that will entice page visitors to subscribe.
  15. Create referral strategy
  16. Use exit-intent popup
  17. Host webinars
  18. Offer Free Ebook
  19. Create Case Study