What is ConvertKit

In 2013, Nathan Barry created Convertkit. Nathan Barry started as a freelance web designer and moved to selling iPhone apps and selling books on design. After learning email marketing, he then began Convertkit.

Today, Convertkit is used by over 20,000 customers and has a headquarters in Boise, Idaho.


What is Convertkit?

Convertkit is one of the fastest-growing and best email marketing software that allows its customers to create their email marketing plans at ease.

Convertkit marketing strategies

Convertkit Dashboard

To provide you a better understanding of Convertkit, we should take a look at its dashboard. Generally, there are five tabs in the Converkit dashboard. Each tab offers different management as well as automation options that may boost your email marketing plan.

  • Subscribers – Most providers charge differently depending on the size of your email list. Convertkit was the first one to do such an option based on the number of unique subscribers.
  • Landing pages and forms: Marketing automation can be a snitch since Convertkit boasts numerous landing pages and forms management solutions. You can also customize your email marketing plan and even create your support solution with landing pages and forms.
  • Broadcasts: A broadcast is a one-time email you can send to your email list. Broadcasts will help your cutdown time in sending an email repeatedly to your list.
  • Sequences: A sequence is another type of email you may send using Convertkit. A sequence is a series of emails that are sent at a specific time. You can set the time anytime you want to ensure that you can send your content to your clients when needed.
  • Automations: Automations may drastically improve your email management since you can use different integrations or automation. For instance, you may tag subscribers using a form. Automations may also help you determine a new subscriber from existing ones. Automations also allow the user to reduce the time spent in creating mind-boggling codes for their landing page.


Features of Convertkit

Convertkit provides a wide variety of features for online business owners to improve their marketing strategy and sales.


Email Marketing

Convertkit allows you to connect with your clients and grow their business by providing them with efficient email marketing software. This software is easy to use, enabling your clients to create an effective marketing strategy in no time.


Email marketing benefits of Convertkit

Bettering writing and editing experience: You can focus on writing and editing your content properly. You must not worry about building pages and forms since Convertkit will promote your content, from sending an email to making a list.

High deliverability rate: Email marketing for Convertkit is known to provide a 98% deliverability rate. With this said, you are sure that your email is sent to the right client or subscriber.

Fast email list growth – another email marketing feature of Convertkit is you can boost email list growth since you can set up landing pages and forms fast.

Subscriber-centric: You can also organize your subscriber properly since Convertkit is subscriber-centric. And, this will give you the ability to filter your audience. There are two ways to filter your audience:

  1. Add tags – You may add a dropdown list in your signup form to add specific details that can be used as tags.
  2. Create segments – You can also create customizable segments to filter your needs.

Automate email funnels – Convertkit provides automated email funnels to find new customers, launch products, or email course. Automate email funnels of Convertkit also allow you to target content at the right time. Then it may also help you exclude buyers from product pitches when they already purchased.

Learn from the data – Convertkit will guide you to understand audience interaction with the use of email. You may easily check stats on every email and even use A/B testing.


Landing Pages

Having a wonderful and appealing landing page is essential. Convertkit also offers customizable landing pages for you to make use of. Some of these pages are pre-designed to allow you to focus on your business goals. These pre-designed pages also boast numerous pages and forms to match your business needs.


Benefits of Convertkit landing pages

  1. No code necessary – You can easily create a beautiful landing page without using any code or whatsoever. For users who want to make their pages, there is still a custom CSS option.
  2. Access to multiple images – Images can entice potential customers. Convertkit offers access to numerous pictures for free using their “stock photography.”
  3. Fully responsive – No matter what your client uses in searching for your landing page, you are sure that your page is fully responsive and can be displayed properly.


Convertkit landing page templates

Lead Magnet: Letting someone provide their email address for free can be a burden these days due to numerous safety and privacy issues. So, enticing people to become your subscribers can be a good idea and can be achieved by creating a lead magnet. You must be sure that you make the best forms of content on your landing page to attract people.

Coming Soon: One of the best ways to engage with new clients is to give them something they will be waiting for. So, creating a coming soon page will make potentials clients and subscribers excited.

Profile: Including a profile landing page can also be a good investment of time. Profile templates will allow you to provide new subscribers with information about you and your business. You may also include your email in your profile so your audience can communicate with you anytime.

Course Signup: If you plan to build a course for your subscribers, you may also create a course signup page. This page allows you to track and monitor if your subscribers want to know more about your product or service.



Convertkit commerce also allows customers to boost profit without having experience in e-commerce websites. Convertkit Commerce can also provide you the best solutions to make sure that your earnings and your buyers as safe.

Three steps when you use Convertkit Commerce

  1. Simply add your product details and set your price.
  2. Customize your product page to match your brand.
  3.  Automatically send your buyers’ purchases and get paid.

What can you sell in Convertkit Commerce?

Surely, you may have numerous products and services you wish to sell. And, having a good commerce platform can guide you to achieve your goal. But, you also need to know what things can you sell with the use of Convertkit Commerce.

  • Ebooks: First off, you can sell Ebooks. Just be sure that formats are in a .pdf or a .mobi. After selling, your ebooks are delivered immediately.
  • Paid newsletter: You can also sell newsletters to your subscribers. But, you need to set the frequency of newsletters that will be sent.
  • Music: If you are a music lover and create music of your own, Convertkit can also sell your music from a track or a whole album.
  • Presets: You may also sell presets for different applications like Adobe Lightroom or Premiere Pro.
  • Coaching: Creators may also sell different types of coaching courses for subscribers. You may also choose from one-off or even recurring courses.

Integrated payment processing benefits

 Convertkit ensures the safety of your buyers by including an integrated payment processing option. This option will allow you to secure every purchase. Not to mention, you may also attain wonderful benefits with this payment process.

  • Earnings are protected – Stripe powers Convertkit Commerce payment process. Stripe is a platform for payment processing that allows buyers to transfer money into your business account using credit or debit bank accounts. Thus, you are rest assured that all transactions are safe and all of your information is secured.
  • Pay when you get paid – You may also enjoy low rates when you sell products or services under Converkit Commerce. You only charged 3.5% + 30c transaction fee. And, the fee is deducted when the customer pays


Email Designer

Creating an email marketing strategy can sometimes be a huge burden for business owners, especially if they do not know. Convertkit offers an email designer for business owners to utilize.

When sending emails, Convertkit may assist you in creating clean formatted and quick content. Convertkit also allows users to add a click to action button in their emails to send readers newsletters or blog posts that may attract potential customers.


Email Sign up Forms

Some small business owners send emails to potential customers to entice them in purchasing products. Besides, when you send emails, you may also attract email subscribers. To ensure that you can create a good impression, it is imperative that you also make use of email signup forms.

  • Subscriber Scoring: There are some customers on your email list who can be loyal. So, giving the attention they deserve may assist you in creating better connections with them.
  • Deliverability Report – Convertkit offers a deliverability report dashboard. This dashboard can be a huge advantage in checking the suggestions and complaints of clients. You may also use this dashboard to track and monitor your email usage at ease.
  • Newsletter Referral Program – You can build an email list with the use of a free Sparkloop account.
  • Facebook Custom Audiences – small business owners and even medium-sized businesses make use of the power of social media to promote their brands, products, or services. Social media platforms also allow companies to attract new subscribers. Fortunately, you can grow your audience on Facebook with the use of Facebook custom audiences. This is possible with direct integration, which allows you to sync your Convertkit segments.

Top Sign up Forms

  1. Delivering a Freebie: This is one of the best ways to build your email list. Of course, adding upgrades or incentives may likely attract customers to fill up your form.
  2. Popup Form: Adding a popup form on your landing page may save space. Popup forms may also assist you in promoting your marketing automation easily.
  3. Newsletter: Sending a newsletter may be beneficial as well to allow you to connect to your email subscribers regularly. Sending out newsletters weekly or bi-weekly enables you to entice a customer to check your website and look for your products and services.
  4. Blog Categories: Creating a form about your blogs can be a huge help for your potential customers. Blog categories will also allow you to tag or segment your readers and convert them into buyers in the future. Having blog categories can direct your audience to the right blog post.

Popular Signup Placements

When customizing your landing page templates, you must use the ideal placements for your signup forms. These templates can be a good thing to keep in mind since inappropriate placements can lead users to leave your site, which can affect your sales.

  • Inline – This will allow users to determine the products or services you are promoting easily. Inline signup form also allows you to make sure your audience or subscribers regularly finds your promotion.
  • Popup – Popup forms are ideal if you plan to create a simplistic look on your landing pages. You may also customize the form from fonts, background, and size things like that, which can accommodate your needs.
  • Sideline – Sideline signups are also appealing types of forms. Like popups, you may also customize sideline forms.

Form Incentives

Creators may also enjoy other incentives when utilizing forms on their landing pages.

Automatic Delivery: You can directly give an incentive to users who will fillup your form with the use of this wonderful option. All you need to do is to upload your file to your account. And, Convertkit will do the rest for you.

Double Opt-in for deliverability: This option can be helpful since you can prevent spammers.

Unlimited forms: Creators also have access to unlimited forms. Having this access helps creators to build a structure for every product they offer.


Creator Pro

Creator Pro is intended for advanced users who want to step on another level. Creator Pro boasts of numerous features that may surely assist you in building your email list and your landing page as well.

Features of Creator Pro


Medium and small business owners can also utilize Convertkit to add automation features to build the best landing page for their products and services. This automation also offers a wide variety of benefits for your customers.

Convertkit automation Features

  1. Send targeted drip content – Making use of targeted drip content helps you create new email lists efficiently. You may also make sure that you can obtain essential information needed, such as email address, which can guide you to promote your product or service to potential buyers.
  2. Seamless content editing – Adding content in your forms or landing page templates will also allow you to attract the right customer. This is possible by giving them the best content that can match their needs.
  3. Building intuitive and powerful automations – This automation feature also allows you to watch your email funnels. Convertkit makes this easy for users since you may click the plus button and select an event, action, or condition.

Email Automations Systems for your Business

  • Survey your audience – Easily use automation with link triggers to allow you to connect to email sequences and even segment your audience from free email subscribers up to your regular customer.
  • Launch a Product – This is also a useful option for your business since you can add your product or service then send an email to your subscriber.
  • Host a webinar – Hosting a webinar is one of the best ways to attract potential buyers and promote your product or service. Having the ability to host a webinar automatically may also improve your sales funnel since you may build a free email list from your audience.
  • Sell a Service – You may immediately sell your service using email automation systems. You may include some of your previous work to help them determine if your service will benefit them.

Other Ways Convertkit automates your email marketing strategy

  1. Simple automation rules: If you are only planning to do simple forms for your subscriber or potential customer, you may accomplish it using simple automation rules.
  2. Industry-leading integration partners: Of course, you also need to make sure that you are using the best tools in creating a reliable email marketing strategy. Convertkit has numerous integration partners that may help you. Integration partners for your landing pages or forms allow you to create and use them to your advantage easily.
  3. RSS Feeds – RSS feeds also help you automatically build a broadcast to deliver your blogpost to a subscriber and a customer. RSS Feeds may help you spread your posts rapidly, which may also boost your website.



Convertkit offers integrations for users. These integrations allow business owners to improve their marketing strategies. These integrations may also provide you and your customers a better experience.

Featured Integrations


Crowdcast is a live video platform that allows you to host webinars, live streams, summits, and more. This integration may help you find new subscribers for your small business.


Teachable, on the other hand, you can also build and sell digital courses. With this, you can easily make articles for your customers included on your email list. Then sell your online course for people who seek guidance in starting their marketing business. By selling, you may also find new subscribers who can become a loyal customer.


Finally, you may also use Shopify. Shopify is one of the best commerce platforms on the web. When you use Shopify, you may add visual automation and use this new integration in creating a list of potential clients.

If you also plan to use the Convertkit and other platforms to improve your business online, you may simply check the API docs.

Pricing of Convertkit

Convertkit makes marketing for business owners better, easier, and faster. Also, Business owners may find the best package for their needs by choosing one of the plans Convertkit offers.

Free – The free package is ideal for small business owners who are just getting started. The Free package will allow you to promote your business easily. The Features include the following:

  • Manage up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Unlimited landing pages & forms
  • Send email broadcasts
  • Sell digital products & subscriptions
  • Email support

Creator – The Creator package starts at $29. You may obtain the benefits of the free package. The additional features are Free migration to another tool and Automated funnels and sequences.

Creator Pro – Finally, the Creator Pro package starts at $59. Additional features include Facebook Custom Audience, Newsletter Referral System, Subscriber Scoring, and Advance Scoring.


How can Convertkit marketing automation help creators?

Build powerful, automated funnels – Email marketing, form templates, and landing pages. These are only some of the things you need to do to have a good funnel. Unfortunately, not all funnels can give you the result you want. With Convertkit, you have better chances of building powerful and automated funnels.

Set up the rules and let the app do the work for you – Surely, every business has its standards, and meeting these standards is a must. That is why you set up rules. With these rules, you can easily ensure that all your needs can be catered to easily. Not to mention, you may also include certain restrictions to get the most out of the tool you use.

Customize a subscriber’s path – Apart from the ability to set up rules, Convertkit users also have the power to customize a subscriber’s path. Making sure that you can guide your customer in purchasing your product is your goal. You also need to be sure that you can obtain valuable benefits such as emails, new leads, and many more.

Always know what’s next for your subscriber – Since you can build the path for your subscriber, you can also ensure that you know what next for them. By providing them with simple rewards things like a free online course or free access to product launch, you are providing the best Convertkit experience.

Send targeted content – Sending new emails to potential buyers is important to attract them. Sadly, there are cases when people do not want to purchase yet. And, the ideal way to do it is to send targeted content. Sending blog posts to specific people may help you provide them the information they need to know about your product. As a result, they will immediately purchase your product when the right time comes.

Segment your audience easily – You can also boost your email marketing strategy since you can easily segment your audience. Segmenting your audience will allow you to determine the best audience for your business.

Convertkit business marketing

Support Services of Convertkit

Some providers simply leave their clients after getting a sale. And, this can be troublesome, especially if you are new to email marketing. If you are choosing Convertkit as your partner, they can provide you with support services that may cater to your specific needs.

Switch tools for free: If you utilize another tool for your business, Convertkit will guide you in switching tools for free. You only need to do these three steps:

  1. Fill out their migration form with all the essential details needed.
  2. A migration team member will contact you and do the job. The team member will also give you a date when the migration is complete.
  3. After the given date, you easily start your venture with the help of Convertkit.

Industry-leading deliverability: The main focus of Convertkit is to get the trust of readers. That is why they ensure that all aspects of the tool can help you deliver to your audience best.

Weekly live training: Another helpful service of Convertkit is they arrange weekly live training. This training will hone your skills and knowledge on how to use Convertkit. Some training may also focus on other aspects of the tool, such as creating emails or building a review.

Community access: Some use Convertkit as their email marketing tool. And, Convertkit can provide you access to a community of creators as well. Joining the Convertkit community will help you connect with other creators and small business owners. You can also share simple advice or even offer assistance when they need to fix their system.


Upcoming Features in Convertkit

Convertkit offers a wide variety of solutions for improving your email marketing automation and business management. But, it does not end there. Convertkit continuously searches for other options you can include.

Recurring Payments

Apart from a wonderful marketing strategy, it is also best that you provide your clients with a seamless purchase. When paying, allowing your clients who plan to buy your product or service in a subscription-based is needed. Last November, Convertkit started adding support to accept recurring payments.

Discount Codes

You can have loyal clients using the right forms and landing pages, which turn them into sales. Therefore, giving out discount codes for existing or even new subscribers can be helpful. You can simply provide the discount codes to your subscribers by sharing the URLreflecting the discount code.

Supporting Taxes

As of now, Convertkit is actively researching ways how to help users with their taxes. Supporting taxes may help users worldwide to ensure that their automation needs can be catered to properly.

Purchase Graph Enhancement

When having a Convertkit account, you want to have all the tools you will need for your venture. That is why Convertkit is also planning to improve its purchase graph. Using this graph, you can get immediately how much a specific campaign, course, or product earned. You also can filter subscribers who used discount codes and many more.

Colour Palettes in Landing Pages

As mentioned earlier, using enticing landing pages may attract new subscribers. Convertkit, with their talented design team, is creating a colour palette option for your landing pages.

Social Media for emails and landing pages

To connect to other people outside your list, you can make use of social media. This upcoming feature will help you add social media links through the block editors in your landing page, form, and template that you send.

Support repeat sequence

Convertkit also wants users to make use of repeat sequences. Repeat sequences will allow subscribers to complete an email sequence again efficiently. Support repeat sequence will also enable users to create better and more powerful automation using Convertkit.