How to Integrate ClickFunnels with MailChimp

ClickFunnels by Etison LLC is a handy program that allows you to develop sales funnels. With this, you can guide every visitor on your site and transform them into a new subscriber.

And, if you’re using other marketing programs, you can always link it with your ClickFunnels account. 

In fact, I’m here to teach you how to integrate MailChimp—a popular email marketing tool—in just a few steps.

But First, Let’s Compare ClickFunnels and MailChimp

I know you’re excited to integrate Mailchimp into your ClickFunnels account. However, it’s best to learn more about these two programs first.

What is ClickFunnels?

As I’ve mentioned, ClickFunnels is a program that can help you create sales funnels. You can use these sales pages for your products, webinars, and other marketing collateral.

In a nutshell, ClickFunnels can help convert your visitors into leads—and eventually, paying clients.

Unlike most web apps, ClickFunnels comes with many impressive features:

Drag-and-drop Visual Editor

With this program, you can edit any element on your sales web page. You can easily add text, images, and videos in just a few clicks.

If you don’t have time on your hands, you can always work on Clickfunnels’ ready-made templates. It’ll tell you where to place your elements to get the best conversion rate possible.

Still, at the end of the day, you have the complete freedom to edit your web page any way you wish.

Domain Hosting

Unlike other services, ClickFunnels comes with its own domain hosting. Go to your Account Dashboard and click Add New Domain. It’s the yellow rectangle located at the right upper-hand corner.

Themes and Templates

As I’ve briefly discussed, ClickFunnels offers templates for its sales funnels. It also provides themes, which you can get either for free or at a low price at the Marketplace.

Split Testing

If you want your landing page to attract many clients, you need to split-test it. The good news is you can do this well within your ClickFunnels account!

Conversion Tracking

Do you want to know how your sales funnel is performing? Well, you can do this with ClickFunnels’ unlimited conversion tracking. 

With this feature, you know what works and what doesn’t. That way, you get to improve the elements before launching a new campaign.

Email Autoresponder

Although MailChimp is a good autoresponder, you can find this similar future well within ClickFunnels. 

If you don’t have a MailChimp account, you can still send emails to your prospective client from your profile.

Membership Site

Say you want to have an exclusive site for subscribers. With your ClickFunnels account, you can create your very own membership site. It allows you to develop a log-in gateway and even take payments.

Shopping Cart

Are you looking to sell products online? Then you’ll benefit a lot from ClickFunnels’ shopping cart feature. 

Selling here is more manageable for all you need to do are upload the photos, write the descriptions, and set the price.

How About MailChimp?

MailChimp is an email marketing program. It allows you to create an email list, segment them, and send emails as often as you want. Additionally, it enables you to make opt-in forms for your website.

Here are some of its features:


Like other email service providers, MailChimp enables you to segment your list any way you want it. 

And why not? Compared to unsegmented campaigns, the segmented ones have 23% higher open rates and 49% higher click-through rates.

Behavioral Targeting

MailChimp allows you to send emails outside segmented campaigns according to the client’s behavior.

The program makes it possible with its API key, which helps pull crucial customer data. That way, you can send messages after your client does a specific activity, such as renewing their account or downloading freebies.

Lookalike Audience

If you want to enhance your new campaign, you should try MailChimp’s lookalike audience feature. It uses marketing data to find a similar base to your present clients.

Landing Page Builder

Just like ClickFunnels, MailChimp has a page builder, although it’s not as robust as the former. It’s pretty simple, but it’s effective in collecting opt-ins.

Form Builder

MailChimp also gives you the freedom to make an opt-in form for your website. It’s easy to use, for you can edit the lists, tags, fields, colors, and texts in just a few clicks.

Customer Relationship Management

While it’s not a CRM-dedicated program, MailChimp has the basic features you need. With this, you can track how each client signed up for your list.


Similar to your funnels, it’ll be good to know the progress of your email marketing efforts. MailChimp can quickly help you out with this through its tracking feature.

Like Google Analytics, the program can monitor open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, and deliverability.

How to Integrate ClickFunnels with Mailchimp

Integrating both programs allows you to send contacts from your ClickFunnels account to your email list. If you’re using MailChimp as an autoresponder, integrating them will help you use both versions seamlessly.

In a nutshell, you can get these from your MailChimp integrations:

  • Full Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Country
  • Custom

As to how to do it, all you need to follow are these two steps:

Step 1: Get Your MailChimp API Key

Log into your MailChimp account and click the bottom left icon.

Choose Profile > Extras > API Keys.

Scroll down and choose the option Create a Key. Copy the API key provided on the screen.

Step 2.:Integrate MailChimp to Your ClickFunnels Account

Open your profile, then go to Account Settings. Choose Integrations > Add New Integration.

Look for the MailChimp icon and click it.

Type in a nickname, followed by your MailChimp API key.

Last but not least, click Add Integration.

What to Do After You Integrate MailChimp With ClickFunnels

As you see, Clickfunnels integrates with Mailchimp relatively easily.

Once you’re done with this initial step, you can go ahead and do the following processes below:

Add Email Integrations on a Thank You Page

If you’re using several autoresponders, including MailChimp, then it’s best to add email integration on your Thank You page.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Make a ClickFunnels Software Thank You Page

Click Add a New Step on your funnel page. Name this step, then click Create Funnel Step.

Go to the opt-in dropdown at the left-hand corner of the screen. Make sure to choose the Thank You page template from here.

Create an Email input field before hitting the Submit button.

Don’t forget to hide the email input and submit button after doing so.

Step 2: Connect Your Email Marketing Tool

Go to the page editor and click on Settings > Integrations.

Choose MailChimp, then click Add to List. Select the list you intend to use, and you’re done!

Add MailChimp Custom Fields

Adding custom fields will help you send contact forms from ClickFunnels to MailChimp.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Set Your MailChimp Merge Tags

Go to the Settings option in your list. Click on the List fields, followed by the Merge tags.

Click the Add field button located at the bottom of the screen.

For basic elements, add a text (single) field. If you want to use two-step order forms, use the Address field for shipping and billing.

Type in your field label. Next, encode your desired name under the Put this tag in your content option.

Step 2: Set Your ClickFunnels Custom Fields

After setting up your MailChimp tags, head straight to your ClickFunnels account.

If you’re adding single-field elements, go to your opt-in page. Add the necessary custom fields. You will find this box in the right-hand corner of the page.

Head to the Custom Type option. Encode the name you used in the Put this tag in your content option.

Should you need to use shipping, billing, and other elements, you don’t need to change the default type. It’s always set to address.

Don’t forget to save the changes, lest you want to repeat everything!

What Else Can You Integrate With ClickFunnels?

Apart from connecting your MailChimp account, you can also integrate these programs to your ClickFunnels profile:

  • Stripe and PayPal to accept payments
  • Twilio to personalize and schedule text messages
  • SlyBroadcast to send voicemails
  • VWO to set up push notifications for your sales funnels
  • Disc Delivered to automate orders done through your funnel
  • ShipStation to fulfill all orders
  • WordPress to connect your blog site

Final Thoughts

Integrating your MailChimp account into your ClickFunnels profile is a wise and easy thing to do. Instead of working on two programs simultaneously, you can monitor your funnels and email lists from one viewpoint.

Once you’ve integrated both accounts, you can do several other things, such as making thank you pages and adding custom fields.