Clickfunnels Creation: The ultimate guide to creating effective Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels has proven itself as an effective online marketing sales funnel tool for every business entrepreneur. As a sales funnel builder, clickfunnels is created to help businesses automate their sale process from start to finish, making online marketing easier. Have you created clickfunnels? If not, take this easy guide here; it discusses the ultimate guide to creating effective marketing funnels.


What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is an online marketing software used to convert traffic to the business website, generate more sales, lead generation, and build an email list. It is a website and, at the same time, a sales funnel builder for every business entrepreneur. E-commerce entrepreneurs and business people widely use Clickfunnels to promote their products and services online.

You can have everything you need to market your product or service online with clickfunnels. This software allows you to automate your sales process and control your buyer’s journey on your website.

Clickfunnel Features

All-in-one Hosting

Clickfunnels all-in-one hosting allows you to host all of your landing pages and sales funnels.

Predefined Sales Funnels

It is a landing page builder that contains predefined sales funnels for you to choose from. Whether you are selling a product and service, generating leads, or even doing email marketing, they had sales funnels.


Landing Page Templates

Clickfunnels software has a wide variety of landing page templates accessible by free and premium clickfunnels users.

Drag and Drop Builder

Clickfunnels allows users to customize their designs with its drag and drop builder without the need for a code. Even if you are a new customer, you can easily build professional and stylish sales funnels with its website editor features.


Email marketing

Clickfunnels has its email marketing automation software that allows customers to integrate with their sales funnels and interact with your business marketing online.

Who created ClickFunnels?

Russell Brunson founded Clickfunnels. His goal in creating clickfunnels is to help people build and grow their businesses online with a sales funnel. Although Russell Brunson founded clickfunnels, it comprises talented experts with various skills in online marketing. From online marketing, building website traffic, funnel building, technology, and website design – they have it all.

How much is ClickFunnels worth?

Founded last 2014 and has been working well in improving online businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. It is worth more than a hundred million dollars considering how this software helps business entrepreneurs enhance their business’s entire sales growth.

Clickfunnels offer three different pricing plan for you to choose with flexibility.

  • Clickfunnels Basic Plan – $97 Per month
  • Platinum Plan – $297 Per month
  • Clickfunnels Two Comma Club Plan – $2,497 Per month

However, if you would like to use clickfunnels for free to see how it works, Clickfunnels offers a 14-day free trial. New users can enjoy a 14 day free trial period to access all important features of clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels Free Trial Package Inclusion

During the two weeks free trial period, new clickfunnels user can access different software features, including the following:

  • Funnel Product Secrets
  • Builder Secrets
  • Funnel Ad Skills
  • Funnel Hacker Forum
  • Book Funnels Templates
  • Webinar Funnels Templates
  • FREE Product Launch Funnels Templates
  • FREE High Ticket Funnels Templates
  • Tony Robbins Private Collection
  • Sales Funnels Template

5 Easy Steps On how to create Clickfunnels Free Trial Account

1: Go to the ClickFunnels page

2: Click on create an account button

3: Pick your desired clickfunnels subscription plan per month

4: Fill in your credit card details (Do not worry, you can cancel it anytime)

5: Confirm your email address

By confirming your email address, you successfully claimed your ClickFunnels free trial.

Can you make money with ClickFunnels?

Yes, clickfunnels can help people make money online. It is worth the money you invested in clickfunnels per month. Without clickfunnels, you can’t build sales funnels easily. Usually, building sales funnels took weeks and even months. However, with clickfunnels, you can easily build your sales funnel. Your sales funnels will allow you to market your business, sell your products and services to your potential customer online. Clickfunnels has helped thousands of people build their brand online and grow their businesses.

How do you make Clickfunnels?

When you create new clickfunnels, you will be asked to choose from two different categories. The first category is the Classic Funnel Builder, and the second category is Funnel Cook Book.

Funnel Cook Book will allow its customers to narrow down the funnel type of business industry. With this method, people can take advantage of funnels pre-made template. While the Classic Funnel Builder allows its customers to choose a goal, select a funnel type, and then build their funnels.

Clickfunnels Creations- Classic Funnel Builder

Step 1. Choose your Page Goal (Build Email List for Marketing, Sell Your Product or Services, Host Webinar).

Step 2. Create a Page Funnel Type.

Step 3. Click Build Funnel.

Clickfunnels Creations- Funnel Cook Book

Step 1. Open The Funnel Cookbook

Step 2. Click and Select Your Page Industry.

Step 3. Click and Choose The Type Of Funnel.

Step 4. Choose Your Page Goal.

Step 5. Click Page Template and choose From Suggestion

Step 6. Choose Your Page Template Plan (Free or Paid Template).

Step 7. Download or Purchase Your Selected PageTemplate.

Clickfunnels editor offers accessibility in funnel tools, features, and templates to ensure that customers can create their stunning and highly converting sales funnels. With clickfunnels, people can easily grow their business revenue per customers that visited their website. Have you ever think about how you can create effective clickfunnels for your business website? Here are the five easy steps for you to create your high-converting clickfunnels.

The ultimate guide to creating a high-converting sales funnel

Landing Pages

People say first impressions last. Your website’s landing page will create the first impression on your website visitors. So, it would be best to make a landing page with content that will capture your potential customers attention. Why? Good landing pages with good content marketing will encourage your website visitors to sign up or subscribe from your website pages.

With your landing pages, you can collect your potential customers’ contact information essential for your website marketing techniques. Your list of data will be your first line of communication with your potential customers.

Whether you are creating a clickfunnel to market your product or market your services, you need to make landing pages that drive traffic to your website. With good landing pages, you can create high-converting clickfunnels.

Front-End Offer

Create an offer that provides value to new customers. Offer an opportunity to buy a product or service at a low price or low-risk proposition to your potential buyer. It is like a website pre-selling stage where you present your product or services to lure in your new potential customers.

Once your website visitors [potential customer] clicks your bait offer content, make sure to redirect them to your website landing page that showcases the benefits of a premium offer from your product or service. You can also send your website visitors a follow-up email containing offers for your product or services offered.

Upsell Offer

Create an offer that costs more than your front-end offer. Add an option to upsell your sales process and increase your buyer’s lifetime value. For example, offer your website visitors who plan to purchase from your product to upgrade their purchase. Make a product and service upgrade that provides more benefits to your customer. It will increase the value of your customer’s initial order, enhancing their overall experience with your brand. But at the same time, you increase your company revenue.

Upsell Offer Example

  • Bulk product order prices.
  • Customized initial products or services.
  • Discounted price for an increased service subscription
  • Discounted price for increased products order.

Down Sell Offer

Another effective marketing way to increase company revenue with clickfunnels is offering a lower-risk offer or down-sell. If your website visitors don’t click your upsell content, try using down-sell content to lure them into your landing pages. Offering a down-sell option to one of your customers doesn’t mean you failed to sell your products and services. It is a marketing strategy to keep your potential customer on your list. Yes, it is a way to keep a customer who cannot buy your product and services due to a tight budget.

Down sell Offer Example

  • Offer a cheaper, lower version price from the upsell offer.
  • It Offers a payment plan for expensive upsell products or services offered.
  • Offer a discounted products or services price for a limited time.

Squeeze Page

Create pages that convince your potential customer to sign up or subscribe to your list in exchange for your content. It doesn’t matter what type of content you are offering on your squeeze pages; what matters is how relevant your potential customer needs.

Make sure to create a Call To Action button that stands out, allowing your potential customer to take the next step – engage with your website.

Create social proof on your squeeze pages. It is a marketing strategy to catch your potential customer’s attention and show your website brand authority.

Back End Offer

It would help if you kept your buyers engaged with your brand. How? One way to keep your buyers engaged in your brand is to provide value to your buyer after purchasing products or services from your pages.

Back end Offer Example

  • Personalized content or checklist for their purchased products or services.
  • Provide unending support to your buyers.
  • Send a follow-up email to them to make sure they are satisfied with your service rendered or with the products they purchase from your pages.
  • Offer a membership rewards program.
  • Create a community or group where they can post content, ask for help, or share their ideas for your services offered.

Testing your Clickfunnels

Ensure that your clickfunnels are working properly and it is doing what it is intended to do for your pages. In that way, you can assure that it will increase your business revenue.

4 Easy Steps To Test Your Clickfunnels

  • From your funnel dashboard, select the option funnel you wanted to test.
  • In your incognito window, load your option funnel page.
  • Using a different email, send a test email with the name of the test email.
  • On your clickfunnels contact tab, check it added the test email.

Optimizing your clickfunnels

You had thousands of competitors out there selling their services and eCommerce product. Think about how you can win the competition. It would help if you optimized your clickfunnel to get your company revenue to keep running every month. But how? Here are the easy steps and tips to optimize your sales funnel.

Tips #1: SEO Optimized Landing Pages

Make landing pages that can be optimize with SEO. Why? An SEO-optimized landing page can help you increase traffic to your website and generate leads, converting them to potential buyers. To attract traffic to your website, ensure that your landing page contains valuable content for your target audience.

Tips #2: Long-tail Keyword

To win against your competitor, use long-tail keywords in your clickfunnel. Long-tail keywords are easier to rank in the google search engine, and it converts better.

Tips 3: Long-Form Content

Most search engines prefer long-form content. The longer your content is, the more information it contains. Thus, the more informative it is to your readers. And the more person will read your content. It will give you a higher chance to be rank on the first page of the search engine.

Tips #4: Old Content Update

Goole search engines rank a website that had an updated content from time to time. Your website may have old content that ranks well. By updating its content, you will boost your clickfunnel’s value to your website visitors. You keep your place in search engines rank, and more likely that it will improve and convert well.

Tips #5: Mobile-Friendly Clickfunnel

Most people nowadays use their mobile phones. Making sure that your clickfunnel is mobile-friendly and responsive will help you rank higher on google.

Tips #6: Social Media

Use social media platforms to market and spread awareness about your sales funnel. It is also a great way to optimize your sales funnel as SEO considered social media presence when ranking a Google search engine website.

Tips #7: Guest Posting

Guest post plays a vital role in SEO, so it is one of the best ways to optimize your clickfunnel. With guest posting, you can reach out to your new audience and establish your credibility online. It is your opportunity to build your brand and improve traffic to your site.

Tips to an effective clickfunnel

  • Before creating your clickfunnel, consider your target audience. Spend time considering your buyer persona. Think about what would they need? What time would they typically visit your website? How much time would they spend browsing your website?
  • Create a landing page with valuable information that will capture your target audience’s attention. A landing page that will encourage your buyer persona to take action- engage with your service or products.
  • Dont forget to build your email list. With your email list, you can educate your target buyer about your services until they are ready to purchase. On your email campaign, create an offer that will inspire your leads to act.
  • Whether your buyer persona buys your service or not, keep close contact with them. Build a good relationship with your leads. Thank them for visiting your website, joining your list, and for their purchase. You can also send them discounted products/services, limited-time offer down-sell, and involve them in your social media accounts.

Building and growing business nowadays are made easier with clickfunnels. With the ultimate guide in creating clickfunnel mentioned above, you can now effectively create your clickfunnel and start building your business online.