What is ClickFunnels and how does it work?

For online businesses in need of digital marketing, learning the sales funnel is one effective strategy. It provides a step-by-step process to bring your customer into the buying decision through a series of marketing steps like emails, videos, articles, or blogs, and landing pages that will do the selling for you. So how do you create one? Here is where ClickFunnels comes in.

How did ClickFunnels Start?

Russell Brunson, along with Todd Dickerson, started ClickFunnels in 2014. But before creating ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson had also created ZipBrander in 2003. ZipBrander is a marketing tool that boosts targeted traffic to your landing page. Russell Brunson wrote several books: DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets, Unlock the Secrets, and Network Marketing Secrets. Russell Brunson has sold over 150,000 books and is known as a New York Times best-selling book.

What does ClickFunnels mean?

Let’s face it, automating the sales funnel process to control your customer’s journey is a huge help and advantage Let’s face it, automating the sales funnel process to control your customer’s journey in your online businesses is a huge help and advantage in your business process. Imagine having to create your landing page on your own. ClickFunnels might not be much to some, I know, but the thing is, if you’re growing your business, you’ll have to think of ways to make everything as streamlined as possible such as having to create sales funnels. Hence, it’s easier for you to take on bigger decision-making tasks. That’s what ClickFunnels is here for, to help you in taking care of your customers’ buying journey. Simply put, ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder, a software used to create sales funnels to help entrepreneurs grow their business online. It’s an all-in-one tool that can help you market and sell your products online.

What are the benefits of using ClickFunnels?

Of course, there are numerous programs online business owners can use to create a successful affiliate marketing and lead generation strategy. ClickFunnels is present for you to acquire proven and tested sales funnels for your online business. But, you need to consider if you can obtain the benefits you are looking for. ClickFunnels offer a wide variety of benefits for you and your sales process.

  • No hassle – Business owners like ClickFunnels since they no longer have to worry about web hosting or hosting your landing pages as it is included in all the packages. This platform has pre-built sales funnels for their businesses. ClickFunnels can then reduce their expenses, which they may use for other marketing tools for their business.
  • Competitive price – Clickfunnels’ pricing starts at $97 per month.
  • Easy to use – Another benefit online marketing teams and business owners can obtain when using ClickFunnels is its ease of use. You do not need to have programming and design skills as they provide funnel templates for landing pages. This tool also allows you to follow up funnels.
  • Customization – ClickFunnels uses a drag and drop mechanism in their editor, making it easier for business owners to build sales funnels and click funnels from scratch, letting you earn more profits with your revenue funnel and so much more.
  • Integrations – ClickFunnels has pretty cool tools you can integrate, like autoresponders and payment gateways processors to help you with your conversion.
  • Funnel type – ClickFunnels offers a number of funnels for all your marketing and conversion needs, such as when you need funnels for your multistep sales process or when you need to enhance your conversion tracking strategies.
  • A/B Testing – A/B testing can produce numerous features for your business. One of the main benefits is promoting better user engagement since you can select the best marketing funnel templates that will match your needs.
  • Make money easily – ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that can help you make money easily by rapidly increasing your conversion rates. ClickFunnels may also help reduce the costs of using other digital marketing tools.
  • Reliable support – If you ever get stuck, just reach out to the ClickFunnels support team, and they will provide everything you need. Russell Brunson makes sure that his team can provide you with any support necessary to have the best ClickFunnels experience.

How does ClickFunnels work?

Russell Brunson created ClickFunnels to allow you to put all the essential elements needed to have an effective and functional sales funnel for your entire sales process. ClickFunnels work with any kind of business. Their platform has all the tools you need to run a successful online business and marketing funnel in just a few clicks. Their service will have you ready in minutes, saving you a lot of time and money. This do-it-yourself sales funnel builder will release a huge chunk of your time to be used for other aspects of your business that need your full attention.

ClickFunnels automated sales funnel

Steps in Using ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a very powerful funnel builder tool and marketing automation software for your online business and landing pages. To manage your entire sales funnel, you need to know the right steps in using the tool to make your funnel strategies work.

Choose the right design

One of the reasons business owners like ClickFunnels is to improve their strategies in making money for their online business. In contrast, some company owners use the tool to enhance their online marketing strategy. It is important to choose the right page designs. ClickFunnels features a wide selection of funnel templates for your business, and its sales funnel system.

Popular Page Templates
  • Optin Pages – With ClickFunnels, you can create a digital sales funnel and build a sales plan by using opt-in funnel pages. Optin pages will help you promote your brand and generate leads.
  • Sales Pages – The sales pages of ClickFunnels are the best tools for creating sales funnels. The sales page will be the best place to promote your products and services. In your entire sales funnel, you may include in your sales pages images, descriptions, and other essential information that buyers need to know before purchasing.
  • Order Form Pages – The order form page will help your clients purchase a product or service easily. Using a simple order form will also prevent unexpected cart abandonment. Order forms also allow you to create an email list, which is beneficial in building sales funnels.
  • Upsell Pages – Another way to boost your sales funnels is to create an upsell page. You can use this page to offer one-off promos or discounts for your clients. Upsell pages also help clients during the sales process by ordering without rentering their details, such as your email address.
  • Webinar Event Pages – You can also create event funnels for your business. Communication is the key to improving connections with members. So, a webinar event page can be a good option. Webinar event pages may help you attract members to participate in your event. Event pages may also provide information to potential clients who wish to know more about the service or product or want to check a ClickFunnels affiliate program they can use for their website and site visitors.
  • Membership Sites – Create a dedicated site for your members by including membership sites. These sites allow members to get access to other information and to interact with other users. This site can also be used as a medium wherein users can ask questions from fellow users.

Customize your pages

After choosing the right page, the next thing to do is to customize your pages. Customizing your pages allow you to build the best page many people or clients want to see.

Four Basic Building Blocks of Webpages
  • Sections – Sections are vital in creating a lucrative landing page. You need to make sure that you place content in the right section to provide the correct information to your audience.
  • Rows – The use of rows is beneficial if you plan to focus on marketing a specific product or service. Rows allow you to have sufficient space for your promotions.
  • Columns – Columns are like rows. The only difference is its placements. Using columns allows you to promote multiple products or services without spending too much space on your landing page.
  • Elements – Add elements to your landing page to boost marketing strategies for your business. You may also include some elements like blogs, recent posts, videos, and even buttons. Also, these elements are ideal funnel hacks to make money and build lead generation plans.

Add page elements

As mentioned above, elements are very important. ClickFunnels allows you to create your own funnel elements and make use of numerous elements and other marketing tools. You can easily add these elements by simply dragging them.

You may improve your sales funnel easily by using the best page elements for your needs.

Types of pages elements
  • Text elements – One of the popular elements you may use on your funnel is text elements. Text elements at ClickFunnels are important in providing information about your website. You can achieve this by creating text elements using headlines, sub-headlines, paragraphs, and bullets.
  • Media elements – Media elements can boost the effectiveness of your content easily. Some of the best media elements you can use are; images, videos, video popups, and an audio player.
  • Form elements – Boost your funnel strategy by including form elements in your pages. Form elements like buttons, inputs, select box and text area will give the audience a way to interact with you.
  • Advanced form elements – You can also try out advanced form elements on your pages. These advanced forms can make your sales funnel strategies more effective. Some advanced forms include SMS signup, Survey, Shipping address, and billing address.
  • Countdown elements – Countdown elements help you show visitors about the countdown to special deals, discounts, or events.
  • Content blocks – Give your clients a better understanding of your products by using content blocks. Content blocks include icons, dividers, progress bars, image lists, pricing tables, navigation, and FAQs.
  • Miscellaneous elements – Miscellaneous elements are also good in creating a good funnel strategy. You may use social shares, FB comments, text blocks, and even include custom codes on your page.
  • Order forms – Get orders easily and easily build your funnel list by adding order forms as page elements. You may include different types of order details such as order select, order summary, credit card, order bump, 2-step order form, and order confirmation.
  • Affiliate – Use affiliates in your page element to easily monitor and track your landing pages. Some solutions you can use for your own affiliate program are; user login, affiliate links, affiliate stats, visual funnels, image assets, text assets, and link builder.
  • Membership – Give better access to members by adding membership elements. Clients can access different features like user log in, search option, membership navigation, and membership content.
  • Webinar – Finally, you can also include webinar elements on your page. These webinar elements are vital for your members and make funnel strategies more efficient. Some elements include webinar registration, webinar dates, webinar time, and add an event.
Automated funneling tool

Consider advanced customization

If you plan to make funnel templates more attractive and more suitable for your business, you can try out advanced customization tools you may find in the drop editor of ClickFunnels.

Three customization tools

Custom CSS – If you have advanced knowledge in using tools, using CSS is perfect for you. You may add codes you desire to make your pages more professional and appealing. You may also include other codes to boost the appearance of your posts and forms.

Padding Adjustments – Get rid of unwanted spacing on your pages or forms by using padding adjustments. These adjustments will allow you to create the perfect size for your pages and forms.

Colour Adjustment – Create astounding pages by selecting different fonts. You may even make these fonts better by adjusting the colours. Also, you may change the colour of the background easily.

Go Live

By adding all the features above from this website and funnel builder, it is now time to go live so your target audience, potential customers, and your site visitors can find your pages easily.

Steps to make your funnels live
  • Look for the launch checklist in the ClickFunnels editor and check it. This checklist will provide you a list of essential features you need to include on your page.
  • Make sure to test your funnels first. Tests will also give you insights if all your elements are working and easy to use.
  • You can now launch your site and go live.

Improve mobile experience

Today, most internet users use their mobile phones to look for anything on the internet. You need to be sure that you provide them a good mobile experience when they visit your website. You must also improve mobile experience to your audience to help you build funnels for your business.

Ways to improve user mobile experience
  • Ensure that you edit the font size on your site – Font size is important so your audience can easily view your content or perhaps check the services you are providing. Font sizes may also help you make important content more visible to your audience.
  • Make sure you select your content to appear on mobile and laptop – As mentioned above, your audience uses different devices to visit your landing page. Thus, make sure that you select your content to be seen using mobile phones and laptops.
  • Make sure you do split testing after changing some of its features – Lastly, doing split testing can help you determine your funnel strategy changes. Split testing can get you a better picture of what your audience wants.

What is Follow-up Funnels?

Aside from learning about the basics, here are more deep funnel strategies you should know with ClickFunnels. The follow-up, previously known as Actionetics, helps you create, set schedules, and automatically send emails to your clients. This funnel marketing tool will provide you better chances in building a successful sales funnel that may increase your profits in the long run.

How does followup Funnels work?

Start to build your list – You can use follow-up funnels by initially creating your list. Fortunately, there are several funnels to build your list on your way to complete creating your own sales funnel.

List Building Opportunities
  • Opt-in Pages – The ClickFunnels opt-in pages will allow you to build a good email list since you can obtain email addresses by providing your customers with certain rewards.
  • Registration Pages – Use registration pages to help people register for certain services you offer. These pages will Add a drag and drop form if you are planning to obtain important documents.
  • Order Forms – Forms will easily allow you to obtain essential information needed to build a good funnel list. You may also select the specific information you want to get by choosing the fields. But, make sure that the required fields are marked properly.
Ways in adding customers to your list
  • Pre-create a list: You can easily make use of a pre-created list. This list will allow you to build different plans for your sales funnel.
  • Actions: You can create actions for your landing page, order form, and registration page. You can also separate your clients with the use of simple rules.
  • Smart lists: You may also benefit from using smart lists. The smart list is an advanced proprietary tagging system. This list will allow you to collect the information of users smartly.

Benefits of Smart Lists

  • With the customer acquisition funnel feature of ClickFunnels, you can identify where your customers live. A smart list may help you improve your sales funnel builder, especially if you want to target certain places near your area.
  • You can check how many are following you.
  • You may determine what books or magazines your customers want. A smart list is beneficial if you plan to sell eBooks or set up an event.
  • You may also monitor how long do users stay on your landing page.
  • You can also track what product or service do customers purchase from your site.

Build a followup funnel – The next thing you need to do is build a follow-up sales funnel. This follow-up funnel will help you improve your digital marketing strategies and also reconnect with your clients.

Types of messages to send to build a followup funnel

You also have the opportunity to choose from different types of messages to send to your clients to inform them with different events you are planning for your business.

One, you may use the email messenger at ClickFunnels. Email messenger will assist you in creating engaging content for your clients. You may also automatically send these messages to clients who are on your list. You also can stop messages if clients are not engaging.

Next, you may also make use of text notifications. Text notification is a good way to promote your product or service since more individuals have their mobile phones anywhere. You can send them reminders about your products or events you are planning.

Send broadcasts – You can use ClickFunnels’ follow-up funnel to send broadcasts as well. You can immediately send a broadcast text to your customers about upcoming events that you have organizing. Also, send a broadcast email about product launches.

Check stats and make adjustments – Lastly, you must also consider the stats and make some adjustments if needed. Adjustments help you to improve your ClickFunnels affiliate program.

What is ClickFunnels Backpack?

ClickFunnels Backpack is a built-in affiliate management system or a business management platform designed for owners. A lot of owners use ClickFunnels Backpack since it provides sticky cookies.

Sticky Cookies allow you to gain a commission when a customer purchases a product or service using your ID link. If the customer will buy again but did not use your link, Sticky Cookies will recognize it then place it under your ID. As a result, you may also obtain commissions.

How Backpack Works

Percentage of sales – The first thing you need to do when using ClickFunnels Backpack is to determine sales percentage. Funnel strategies may benefit from creating a percentage of sales since you may attract users.

How to set up your commission plan

  • Start a Commission Plan – Grow your business by starting a commission plan. ClickFunnels can easily help you since you only need the “Add Commission Plan” button.
  • Build a Commission Plan – Some owners promote different products and services. So, it would help if you built a commission plan. You may build numerous plans depending on your needs.
  • Choose an Affiliate type – Owners can boost their independent ClickFunnels affiliate marketing scheme by choosing the right affiliate type. ClickFunnels offers different types such as regular, super, launch, and JV affiliates.
  • Include a Commission type to your Affiliate – You may include a specific commission type to your affiliate. This commission type is important if you plan to obtain different commissions from your program.
  • Construct a two-tier Affiliate Program – Owners get access to constructing a two-tier affiliate program. This program helps you gain extra commission. Also, the program allows you to entice others to become an affiliate.

Add pages – ClickFunnels also allows users to add pages. Users may use the pages to promote your products and services.

2 Types of ClickFunnels Affiliate Pages

You may use two types of ClickFunnels affiliate pages.

  • Affiliate page – The affiliate page is the place where you manage your page. You may add a new step, select a ClickFunnels affiliate program, choose your affiliate access, and include your page’s information.
  • Affiliate center – The affiliate center page is where you will share your tools. This page also allows you to provide them with easy to use email marketing strategies, a free trial, and many more.

Create an affiliate area – As mentioned above, the affiliate center page is important. So, make sure that you create one with your ClickFunnels. An affiliate area can be a good space for your affiliates. You can help them promote easily, and you can provide them with the best content that may help you.

Check “Affiliate Dashboard” – When you use ClickFunnels Backpack, you must also need to check the affiliate dashboard. This built-in dashboard can help you track and monitor key statistics essential for you.

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels’ pricing is very competitive. It also offers the best features for your business.

ClickFunnels – Owners who use the basic package of ClickFunnels can use the following features:

  • Share Funnels
  • Build Funnels, which is limited to 20
  • Create pages with a limit of 100
  • Setup 1 member with their login credentials
  • Connect to three payment gateways through several integrations
  • Use three domain names for different products
  • Chat support to help you build ClickFunnels sales funnel and answer your technical questions
  • Access to funnel flix, which will provide you courses and training.

ClickFunnels Platinum – Do you want unlimited funnels? ClickFunnels Platinum is ideal for owners looking for a tool that can provide them with the best sales funnel templates with a lead magnet funnel to generate leads and improve their online marketing strategies. This package also offers more features.

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • Three sub-users
  • Nine payment gateways
  • Nine custom domains
  • Unlimited followup funnels
  • Priority support.
  • Weekly peer review hackathons
  • Additional training courses from funnel flix.

Additional business tools in ClickFunnels

To accommodate everything you need, ClickFunnels continues to add more tools for the benefit of your online business. Below are the additional business tools for you.

Funnel Script – Improve your knowledge and skills in building reliable marketing strategies by opting for funnel scripts. Funnel scripts include different books such as DotCom Secrets scripts, Expert Secrets Scripts, and O.F.A Scripts.

QR Code Generator – Creating a form can sometimes be daunting since you need to include certain notes such as personal information will not be published, required fields must be filled, or incorrect information. Luckily, ClickFunnels offers a QR code generator. This code generator will allow clients to secure their information when purchasing.

Image Resizer – Use an image resizer on your website to help you save space for more important content. You may easily choose the right size by split testing your website.

Image Compressor – Owners may also use the image compressor tool of ClickFunnels. Image compressor is another valuable tool since you can increase the loading speed of your website significantly.

Add Play Button – You can make your website more professional by adding a play button. A play button may also help users check your video easily.

Privacy Policy Generator – Provide a privacy policy to you and your clients. A policy may also secure your business since it can protect your services to avoid competitors, such as direct competitors, and their competitor funnel elements, as well as your competitor sales from knowing your secrets.

Invoice Generator – It is also imperative to provide an invoice to your clients. An invoice will allow clients to refund their money in case that there are some issues experienced. ClickFunnels also offers an invoice generator to help you reduce time in creating one.

Sales Tax Calculator – Deal with financial tasks on your business easily using a sales tax calculator. A sales tax calculator may also help you determine the taxable value in certain areas conveniently.

Profit Margin Calculator – Determine your profit easily by using a profit margin calculator. This calculator can calculate different types of profit margin types.

Types of Profit Margin
  • Net Profit Margin: This type of profit is the amount of money your business obtains, excluding all deductibles and expenses.
  • Gross Profit Margin: Gross profit is known as the amount of money businesses get after getting rid of the cost of the goods sold.
  • Operating Profit Margin: Operating profit is the amount businesses get after deducting production costs. But, interests and taxers are included when calculating it.
  • Pre-tax Profit Margin: Pre-tax is the computation of sales per dollar after deducting all the expenses before removing tax values.

Refund Policy Generator – One of company owners’ goals is to provide the best solutions for their clients. Unfortunately, there are still cases when a customer wants a refund. So, ClickFunnels can help you make sure that you and your client are protected from this venture with a refund policy generator’s help.

CPM Calculator – CPM, also known as cost per mille, refers to the price required in creating advertisements. CPM is valuable, especially if you are planning to build brand awareness for your funnel. ClickFunnels also offer a CPM calculator to assist you in creating the best funnel templates for your business.

Business Loan Calculator – There are cases when owners do not have sufficient finances to support their business. And, the ideal option is to get a loan. ClickFunnels can help you calculate your loan with the use of their business loan calculator.

Funnel ROI Calculator – Easily compute your funnel’s return of investment with the use of the Funnel ROI calculator. This calculator will help you choose the right investment in your business.

Tips in Improving your Funnel ROI

Split testing can be a good option to determine if your funnel templates are effective. But, there are also other ways to improve your funnels.

  • Find an effective funnel template -You can find different funnel types for your business. But, choose the best template. Use ClickFunnels features to guide you build the ideal funnel for your business.
  • Consider giving bribes – Owners can also get benefits when they give bribes. Start giving out a free trial or perhaps an inexpensive product to your clients.
  • Check traffic temperature – It is also best to check traffic temperature—this advanced traffic analytics feature is imperative to help you edit some features on your website. For instance, you may include a drag and drop option to your page to allow users to provide the information needed easily.

Slogan Maker – Leave a good impression on your audience by having a wonderful slogan. Use the slogan maker in ClickFunnels to create an appealing slogan for your business easily.

Paystub Generator – It is also best to use a paystub generator. This tool will allow you to create stubs for your employee or other ClickFunnels affiliate when they are getting their payments.

Press Release Wizard – You can obtain potential funnel types for your business by creating a press release with ClickFunnels. Sadly, creating a press release can be hard. You can easily build a press release by using the Press release Wizard.

Meme Generator – Many factors can improve your marketing strategy, from using free trial tools for marketing up to creating popular memes. ClickFunnels can help you out with the meme generator.

Video Editor – Videos are good content to get the attention of your audience. Some videos can also provide information about your business. For example, you can help ClickFunnels affiliate members to know more about the expert secrets scripts or perhaps teach them to use the drop editor.

Podcast recorder – ClickFunnels also provides a podcast recorder. Therefore, you do not need other tools to record your podcast. Besides, the support team can guide you in building a good podcast for your landing page.

Upcoming Tools of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels, being an effective funnel builder in the industry, still develop more tools for their affiliates. So, they have also included upcoming tools you can use to create your own sales funnels.

Business Plan Generator – ClickFunnels work with your marketing strategies. Improving your sales funnel and build a landing page are only some of the plans you need to consider to boost your marketing strategies. ClickFunnels can guide you by using the business plan generator.

Logo Maker – Aside from slogans, an enticing logo is also essential for your website and landing pages. Owners do not need to worry about building one since ClickFunnels can help you make the best logo for your brand with the logo maker’s help.

Business Card Maker – There are times you do not have enough time to talk to potential clients. So, the best thing to reconnect with these clients is to give them a business card where they can call or message you. ClickFunnels are also planning to add a business card maker to get rid of the hassle of creating a card from scratch.

Common FAQs from ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels have the best technical team to guide you. But, here are the common FAQs you need to know from the ClickFunnels funnel builder.

Are there additional payments for updates?

  • No, ClickFunnels provide regular updates on their tool to cater to your specific needs. You can check the updates on your dashboard instantly.

What tools do I need to install?

  • ClickFunnels do not recommend you to download anything for your sales funnels. All you need is to log in. Then you have instant access to numerous sales funnel features you are looking for on your landing page.

Are my sales funnels secure?

  • Some tools have loopholes wherein anybody can obtain your personal information, affecting your company and finances. ClickFunnels can assure that all your sales funnels and data are secured since they have created the tool ground up.

Can you handle numerous clients?

  • There are some cases when service providers have limited clients to accommodate their needs properly and avoid certain network issues. ClickFunnels is proud that it is hosted by the largest public cloud cluster in the world. This public cloud cluster is powered by Amazon and also backed up by the CloudFlare Security + CDN.

Does ClickFunnels have contracts?

  • As of now, ClickFunnels does not have any contracts. Thus, you can purchase monthly for their services. In case you want to stop your subscription, you may simply go to account settings and choose the cancel my account option.

What happens for my sales funnels when I cancel?

  • It is very unfortunate to lose a client. When canceling the subscription to ClickFunnels, all data are inaccessible since ClickFunnels is a software-as-a-service platform. But you still have the chance to obtain all data from ClickFunnels by downloading CSV files of your contacts and members. Users can have an opportunity to pause their accounts with the use of ClickFunnels.

Who owns the data in my ClickFunnels account?

  • All information such as contacts, members as well as content are all yours. ClickFunnels will not use any of the data stored for any reason.

Can I host my pages?

  • As mentioned above, ClickFunnels is a software-as-a-service platform. So, hosting your landing pages is impossible. ClickFunnels makes sure that you can obtain the best solutions to create effective sales funnels for your landing pages.

Can I integrate other tools?

  • Beyond allowing users to create their first digital sales funnel, ClickFunnels also allows them to use other tools they want on their account to boost sales funnel strategies. But, ClickFunnels suggests using the tools included in the account. Surely, all the tools in ClickFunnels can match your needs.

Do ClickFunnels really work?

If yIf you ask if it’s an effective sales funnel builder tool to help you grow your business, it does! You can target the right customers, get leads, and showcase your product or service then convince them to buy. It’s a powerful all-in-one marketing and sales tool that would most certainly help any business online long term to better email marketing strategy and choose the right sales funnel type.